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Successful Life? How to Enjoy a Successful Life Fast and Furiously!

Successful LifeHaving a successful life is one of those things that are totally relative. Success means something different for each and every person out there, so I can’t pretend to know what that is for YOU, and give you a path to get there. What would most likely happen in that case would be that I’d be giving you step-by-step plans that lead you to what would be a successful life for me.

What I can do is give you a plan to figure out your success meter, and some plans to get there.

You might be miserable in my life. It may be too much for you, or it may not be enough. Even though I feel like I’ve achieved success in my life both in income and lifestyle, it may seem like a meager pittance compared to what you consider successful.

So one of the secrets to creating your dream life is to simply, first and foremost, figure out what success means to you! You can’t hit a target if you don’t know what the heck that target is.

Does a successful life to you mean a certain income? If so what is that income… $100,000 per year, a $100,000 per month, $10,000,000 per year, or even just $3,000 per month?

If success to you is being able to just pay your bills at the end of every month and afford an extra Big Mac, then so be it, as long as you know what it is. I personally would like to see you dream a little bit bigger but that’s not my decision to make, but I can certainly help you get there.

Does a successful life mean that you own certain things? What are those things? How much do they cost? How much will you have to earn to afford those things? See how this all fits together?

Does it mean living in specific location? Ok you know the drill now.

So then how do you achieve this life? How do you get there once you know what it is?

Well first you need to work backwards and figure out the steps that you’ll have to take to get there – or at least a round about plan. For instance if it’s an income goal it’s best to work backwards, and figure out what you’ll have to earn per month, per week, and per day to achieve that goal.

Once you’ve figured that out you’ll need a vehicle to get you there. That vehicle could be a job if your income goal is pretty low, and time freedom is not an important factor. If it is, then you’re probably better off starting a business.

But not any old business will allow you time freedom. For a successful life that includes time freedom you’ll need a business that you can eventually earn money from without having to be there every hour of the day. A business that earns you a recurring monthly income automatically.

Now there’s no magic opportunity out there no matter what you think. You’ll always have to put some time into your business one way or another, or at least put more money into it.

My wife Ann and I have found, after years and years in the business/corporate world before going out on our own, that the home business industry (specifically the

network marketing

industry) is the best bet for giving you the chance to earn a substantial income, have time freedom, and be able to run that business from anywhere in the world that you want to live.

And after enjoying our version of a successful life in this industry, we’ve guided, step-by-step literally thousands of others around the globe to do the same thing, and achieve their own successful life.

If you’d like to see how we could help you achieve yours then visit our new website to find more business opportunities.


Creating the Right Mood for MLM Success

MLM success

MLM success and YOU



How do you create the mood for mlm success? Wearing a funny cowboy hat or dancing in the rain may not be the right way to create the success. The mlm industry is like most businesses, it takes serious effort, commitment and sometimes extra capital to get it to lift off the ground. Do you want success? This is a question that you need to ask yourself. Success does not fall out of the sky like skittles; if it did I would not be writing this article. The right mood does not necessary mean attitude but it is a reflective element to mean environment.


MLM success is like a gold vein in a mine, you have to mine, pan and shift through the debris. Once you find a strong vein of “gold”, you can harvest it quicker and refine it into a desirable item. The industry changes often and new products and companies sprout up like weeds. You may be looking at one or two now and wondering if the “opportunity” is right for you. The question list is extensive that you could answer but I want to ask you one question. Are you motivated enough? Only the very best should apply, this business is not for the weak at heart or the lazy bound. It takes movers and shakers that want to break out of their current environment for something better.


MLM success takes time


There is no guarantee that you will have mlm success but you could increase the chances of it. The individual will power has to be stronger than steel, the mind focused on work and sometimes it will be long days in the field. Quitting should never be an option for those who want a better life, no matter how hard or easy it can be to say “I quit”. You can create the environment with a winning mind, determined knowledge base, boldness and other fancy patsy words but it boils down to getting out there and JUST DOING IT! Can you roll with the rest of the success club?


Finding yourself buried in MLM success


The mlm industry can be fruitful and plentiful to those who push harder than the rest. The secret recipe to mlm success is to learn, grow, and create and to push on in the business. These elements are given to you at the time of training and after it is your responsibility to make your dreams grow from the fertile soil. Now is the time to strike the anvil and forge your mind into a sharp sword and become a hero. The journey is long but adventurous, if you have the power to continue through the darkness, you will find the light. The whole point of operating a business is to find success, stabilize your environment and to create a renewable income source. If you do not try to succeed, you will never know what you are capable of.  Your mlm success will be grabbed by someone else and life may not be the way that you hoped it would be.




MLM success through patience, trust and belief


MLM Success boot camp

MLM success comes through patience, trust and belief. Your experience in the MLM industry plays a huge role in the overall effect of success.  You are in control of the success throttle; your hands can increase or decrease the amount of success that you experience on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You have to have patience, trust and belief in yourself before your business. If you have these traits, then you can transfer yourself into the business aspects and allow it grow with every thought, effort and course of action that you decide.  Always take the time to educate yourself with industry specific information and real world training.

MLM success from patience comes from dealing with prospects, handling the design of the business and other aspects. You will need strong verbal and written communication skills when dealing with prospects and specialists. They desire clear information and directives and you will need to decide the course of action quickly and efficiently. There is nothing wrong with taking a day or two to decide which web design is better or where to ship the products too which warehouse. You should not change your mind in the midst of communication, unless the new belief or idea is brilliant and solves the issue better than the previous idea.

MLM success built on a rigid warrior mind

MLM success also derives from trust; you have to trust your judgment, mind and other capabilities to make informed decisions regarding your business adventures.  Trust in your vendors, parent company and members to provide the right assistance comes from time and experience with them. It is not recommended to change companies like dirty socks, give the company at least a year before you change. Your reasons should be sound and logical and not full of emotional attachments. A clear and precise separation due to X reason is better than stuttering Y reasons. Always investigate into the companies before switching and talk to their representatives before jumping into the fire.

Belief is simple and it starts with having a great idea and then turning it into reality. You can blow smoke all day about product Zen but if you do not make it materialize and marketable, no one will care much about the theories and potential. Take your beliefs and make them into achievable goals and by doing this you will find success in life, money, business, friends and other areas. How do you believe in your company? You start by believing in your capacity to perform, to maintain and to be successful in yourself and once this is a habit, everything else will fall into place. Once your belief is rock hard like a mountain, it will turn into faith and faith is the river of life, love and growth.

Ally yourself with MLM success

Remember these three core elements and develop them beyond your control and you can find success in any venture that you undertake. Don’t forget to recycle and give back to charities, once your success hits hard like a hurricane, it’s up to you to do the right thing.






MLM Success – How Much Does Mindset Have to Do With Your MLM Success?

MLM Success MindsetThere are a lot of variables when it comes to MLM success.

Most people focus on the new tactic of the week, or actually the tactic du jour. But the problem is that the underlying foundational variable that’s most important is the one that most people forget to work on, and that’s mindset.

Mindset has more to do with your MLM success that probably anything else that you can think of. In fact it’s probably 90 to 95 percent of your success.

But what creates a winning mindset for MLM?

I Believe There are 3 Main Traits of Mindset for MLM Success

First…Your Belief System! You can’t get very far in business or life for that matter without a winning belief system. Your belief system must be up to par, or it will actually block your chances of success profoundly.

Too many people get held back by limiting beliefs. They let these limiting beliefs keep them from achieving their dreams, and sadly they usually don’t even realize that this is what’s holding them back.

Fortunately your belief system is something that you CAN change. Working on your belief system can have a huge effect on your chances of success, and faster than you would ever believe.

To get started working on creating an unstoppable belief system click here now!

Second…Your Confidence Confidence is so important because the confidence that you have in yourself actually is what creates others to have confidence in you.

If you really think about it… who are the people that you have the most confidence in? I think if you’re honest you’ll realize that it’s the people that have the most confidence in themselves.

This is why in the corporate world, those who are confident in their abilities, and know how to show that confidence outwardly are the ones who move up the ladder rather quickly. That confidence is contagious.

Well the same goes with your MLM success.

People will beat a path to your door if you can show them that you have confidence. They’ll see that confidence and realize that YOU are the person that can help them succeed. They’ll also be more apt to follow your advice and instruction, which in turn will get them motivated and working, and yet again in turn increase success for both you and them.

You can start creating unshakable confidence by clicking here now!

Third… Self Discipline and Focus In the world we live in now of lightning fast media, there are tons and tons of things vying for our attention all the time.

Being able to stay focused on the tasks at hand that we have to do to see MLM success requires self discipline.

Refining your self discipline will take you very far toward your MLM goals. Just as well, refining your self discipline and focusing will instill renewed confidence and belief in yourself which in change refuels your focus. It’s a cycle that you want to be vicious and you want to carry you far.

If you’re ready to begin completing that circle of mindset, and learn to intensify your self discipline and focus then click here now!

Getting these three variables of mindset down will explode your chances and rate of speed for MLM success!

Working Through Physical Obstacles in MLM

Besides the plethora of mental obstacles that you’ll face in MLM, many of you will also face some pretty tough physical obstacles. When I say physical obstacles I don’t mean your physical body but rather things like not having any money to start out with, not having experience, etc.

We’ll work with those two for this blog post because that’s the problems that most will encounter in the beginning.

Lack of money is very common and so if you’re having this problem yourself right now, don’t feel bad. First of all you’re not alone, more than half of the people we work with have some sort of lack of funds problem. Second of all, there are tons of stuff that you can do despite not having funds to market your MLM business both offline and online.

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