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3 Rarely Used But Killer Ways to Get Tons of Referrals from your Network Marketing Retail Customers!

If you’re still in the mindset that your retail customers are just a happy side accident to your network marketing business, and you’re treating them like second class citizens compared to your downline distributors, then you really should think about what you’re doing.

Retail Customer ReferralsYou need to appreciate these customers fully and completely, and more than likely the income that they bring you will be a pittance compared to the income that they will bring you.

Most network marketers totally avoid and ignore these customers, never mind not having even the slightest clue how to make these customers some of the most important elements of their business.

I’m going to show you some unique ways of getting these customers to love you so much that they’ll feel guilty not to send people your way…even if they don’t earn a dime for it.

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