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Multi Level Marketing – The Truth About Who Can Really Help You With Your MLM Home Business

Multi Level MarketingThere’s something about multi level marketing that you really need to consider.

It’s something that will actually help you in all aspects of your life. But if you’re trying to see success in this industry then it will help.

You see everyone always seems to be looking for someone to save you and show you the better way, but there’s something very wrong with this thinking.

What You Should Really Be Doing for Your Multi Level Marketing Business

The thing that you should really be doing is becoming a better YOU.

Let’s think about this for a second…

While you’re hoping and looking for a savior for your business, and you’re wishing someone could show you all the answers so that you can become the multi level marketing success, so are plenty of others in the industry.

So that leaves you with a grand opportunity. You see most of these people will search and search and then blindly follow a leader. However YOU could simply wise up and BECOME that leader.

The one person that can truly change your multi level marketing business is YOU!

Once you become the leader then people will naturally start to follow YOU, because that’s exactly what they’re looking for. Someone to follow! Those in this industry who have stepped up to the plate have done very well in multi level marketing.

Those who have followed…as long as they’ve followed the right people have done ok for themselves. But they haven’t done even near what those who have become amazing leaders have done.

You Have the Power to Lead In Multi Level Marketing

So what does it take to become a successful leader with your multi level marketing business?

First of all it takes the guts to stand up to fear. It takes gusto. And it takes having belief in yourself that you CAN do this.

Second it takes following a system!

Systems are put in place for a reason. Most people try to get by doing little bits of works here and there for their business. But the truth is for many years systems have been put into place for you to jump right into. Very likely, your sponsor or someone upline from you has a system like that. If not there are plenty to follow online.

Once you’ve found a system that will work, then it takes going out and taking ACTION. Your action will reinforce those who are watching you, meaning your downline. They’ll see you leading, they’ll see you doing, and they’ll want to follow your lead.

And then it takes simply being there for people.

This industry, the multi level marketing industry is not a spectator sport…you have to get out there and be leading the way for yourself as well as your organization…and success will surely follow.

Multi Level Marketing Success – Why You Need to Get Rid of the Overnight Success Mindset and What to Replace it With

Okay, I’m going to warn you right away, you might not like this blog post on multi level marketing success.

Why won’t you like it.

Because it is going to tell you the truth, and some people don’t like the truth. Some people like to live in a fantasy world, and any thought of coming out of that fantasy world is ludicrous to them. Yet these are the same people who will badmouth an entire industry simply because they did not get rich overnight with that industry, and their lack of hard work, willpower, discipline, and perseverance.

Why the Overnight Success Mindset Can Doom You from the Beginning When It Comes to Multi Level Marketing Success

Here’s the problem with overnight success. It’s EXTREMELY RARE!

“But that doesn’t mean it can’t happen to me”…that’s what you’re thinking right?

Well it doesn’t mean that it can’t happen, but it does mean that it’s highly unlikely that will happen, which means that you’re setting yourself up for a lot of heartache and disappointment.

Now let’s think about this. If overnight success is rare, then what you’re essentially doing when relying on that concept is decreasing your odds of success by huge amounts.

On the other hand, smart work, hard work, and perseverance has been known to create tons of success. These three things combined can highly increase your odds of success. Sure it’s not as fast, it may not be as fun in the beginning, but it’s way more of a sure bet.

If that’s the case, why wouldn’t you take the sure bet? Why would you settle for the mindset that is almost is certain that you won’t make it, when you could just put in a little bit more time, a little more sweat, and utilize the way that was way more of a guarantee.

Let’s say for example if you had to get across a river. There are two places that you could cross.

One place to cross is really short. You could cross it in 10 minutes. However, that part of the river is FUILL of alligators, poisonous snakes, and hmmm…let’s say piranha. Have you ever seen a piranha. Ugly!! Oh by the way, 99.5% of the people who have ever tried to cross here are killed before they even get close to the other side. Odds are highly likely that you’re not going to survive.

But just down the way about 5 miles, is a spot that has none of those nasty creatures. The most that you’re going to run into on this crossing is maybe a few sharp rocks, and some shells that might hurt your feet a bit. Oh and there’s a bit of a tide so it’s going to take some struggle to get across. And it take about 1 hour to cross. But the people who cross here make it across 95% of the time. So your odds of getting across are very likely. Sure things could happen, and you might even have to try a couple of times, but the fact is that you’ve got a lot better of a chance.

It’s going to be harder, and it’s not a 10 minute crossing, but you’re also not going to be eaten by alligators, sharks, and/or pirahna. You saw the picture of the pirahna didn’t you?

So if you said that you’ll take the area that takes longer to cross, but the odds are better, then you’re like most sane people.

But if that’s the case, why wouldn’t you do the same thing when it comes to your multi level marketing success?

3 Things You Must Have to Take Your Multi-Level Marketing Business to the Next Level…

So it’s lucky for us, you and me, that we’re in the multi-level marketing business where we can at anytime we want up and take ourselves to a new level in our business.


We can map out a plan of action and get ourselves from wherever it is that we’re at now to where we want to be. There are very few other people who have that opportunity.

Being an entrepreneur makes us lucky that way…but being a home business owner makes us exceptionally lucky. Being in an industry which encourages self-development and creating new opportunities is a great way to live your life. So take gratitude in that.

But there is work to be done if we want to get over any humps and raise ourselves from the levels that we’re at now.

3 Things You Absolutely Need to Take Your Business to New Heights Starting Today…

You can start on the trek today to completely take your business into the stratosphere. What it takes however is stretching your self and having the willingness to step out of the box and do things perhaps a little differently or even just more aggressively. It really depends on your business.

If your business is failing then you obviously are going to have to change things pretty drastically. If things aren’t going all that bad, or are even going pretty well, then you’ll have to use what’s working and expand on that. Regardless there are 3 things that are going to be a MUST. Here they are:

Knowing Where you Are in your Business Now – You’re going to have to honestly assess where your business is at today.

This means figuring a ton of things. How much you’re making, what kinds of conversion rates you’re getting etc. For example, how many people are you speaking with daily? How many of those are turning into downline members or customers. Or if you work online as well, how many visitors does your site get? What do you do to get those visitors? What are your conversion rates for each site squeeze page, etc?

Or maybe you’re not online yet so that might be something to consider very soon.

Bottom line is that just like when you’re trying to get from one place to another, if you’re lost and don’t even know where you’re at, then it’s nearly impossible to map your way.

Knowing Where you Want to Go – So many people flounder around with their business because they have no clue what they want their business to look like. They have no plan or goal of where their business is supposed to be at when they get to where they want it to go. How crazy is that? How are you supposed to ever succeed in multi-level marketing if you don’t even know what success looks like for you?

So it’s imperative that you set very real and targeted goals for where you want your business to be.

Since we’re talking about creating a burst which will take your business to the next level, you certainly want to set at least a two year goal, and then break it down to where you want it to be in a year (at the half-way point), then ½ year, monthly, weekly etc.

The clearer you are the more likely you’ll get there.

Mentors to Get You There – Here’s the part that most people don’t get. They want to get to a new level, a level that they’ve never achieved before, but they don’t find the people who are at or better yet are beyond that level.

Finding mentors is the best thing that you can do to take your business to a new level. In fact a mentor can actually help you get through steps 1 and 2 above by helping assess your business, and plan out your goals.

Now mentors can be either a multi-level marketing trainer, or they can be upline sponsors. If you don’t feel like your sponsors can take you where you want to be, then you can either find and pay for a multi-level marketing mentor; you can go upline; or you can find a brand new sponsor altogether.

If you’re choosing the latter then you definitely want people with experience. If you’re truly ready to take your business to the next level with brand new sponsors as mentors then click here now!

Your Secret Weapon to Getting Ahead in Multi Level Marketing…Or Life in General!

secret-weaponHave you ever wondered why you have so much trouble in multi level marketing while others seem to do so well with it?

Have you wondered why after trying SO MANY different methods and techniques to succeed and get ahead, you can’t seem to get anywhere? Why after trying 4 different companies in the past year you haven’t gotten anywhere.

Hmmm. Well we may have just answered that question for you don’t you think?

You see, succeeding with a multi level marketing business is just like anything else in life. You need laser focus. You need to put the blinders on and move forward without hopping around from the one shiny object to another.

Frankly, it’s time for you to get ultra serious with yourself about your home business if you want to succeed.

What You Have to Do to Succeed in Multi-Level Marketing…

The fact is that you’ll never get anywhere by switching techniques and companies as soon as something doesn’t work. I assure you that the next best thing isn’t actually the next “best” thing but simply the “next” thing.

You see there are principals for every endeavor in life that never change. For multi level marketing those principals are finding prospects looking for a business opportunity, showing them the benefits of our industry, your company, and you…and then closing them. That’s it really. Sounds simple but it’s not really easy.

First of all you need system put together that shows them the benefits. Basically this is your sales funnel…and you need that to be in place. Your upline should be able to help you with that. If they can’t then we’d be happy to help you. Click here now!

If they can – then good. Set all that up…get your ducks in a row, and then it’s time to start prospecting. You need to pull people into your funnel. But you can’t jump from method and method of doing this. You have to focus on one method and get that one down, perfect, and analyze it.

In order to do that you have to put the blinders on and vow that you won’t try anything else until you perfect that one technique. Which technique do you choose? Well your upline should have ideas for you on that too. If they don’t…we do… Click here now!

There are things like using your warm market to really get the ball in motion building your business. There’s other things like article marketing, social marketing, paid marketing, direct marketing (offline stuff and online), there are a zillion things to do. But you can’t do a zillion things. You have to do ONE! You have to perfect that ONE things!

And guess what… you might find out that you really don’t have to do anything else. If you’re filling up your sales funnel from just one technique, and you’re closing people left and right, why bother changing that technique. You can no doubt expand on it though. You can even outsource someone to take that over, and move on to perfect the next thing.

I guarantee you that by focusing on one method instead of trying to spread yourself paper thin on several at once will have you seeing more success than you’ve seen so far.

So if you’re ready to finally excel in multi-level marketing then you must pick your thing, put your blinders on, and move forward! If you need help we’ll be glad to help. Click here!