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MLM Training – Ways To Get More Leads with the Website Traffic That You’ve Already Got!

MLM TrainingMany people are looking for

MLM training

that tells them how to get more and more traffic.

But what they tend to forget is that they can actually increase their lead count, by simply taking some steps to get more leads from the traffic that they’re already getting.

Don’t take this MLM training lightly today…

You see many people waste web traffic because of the fact that they aren’t converting those visitors into leads. Some people aren’t converting any. Heck some people don’t even have optin forms on their websites or blogs, and simply rely on people to call them for more information. This hardly happens on the first…or even first 5 visits.

So with that being said here is your…

MLM Training

to Help You Convert These Visitors…

Revealing 3 Ways to Get More Leads With the Traffic That You Are Already Getting…

1) Add an Optin Form on Any Piece of Virtual Real Estate that You Own…So many people don’t even get the chance of collecting their visitors information. I want you to see in this MLM training how undeniably ridiculous that is.

You’ve got to have an optin form on everything.

For instance many people have lots of social network accounts. Did you know that you can add an optin to your Facebook page? If you can’t add an optin to a social network you can have a link that leads to one.

If you have a blog, you should have an optin form on that blog, plus a pop up that comes up while people are reading your blog. This may be some of the most valuable training you’ve ever read if you don’t have this already. This can double your optins overnight.

2) Tweak Your Copy Continuously to Get Your Conversion Rates UP!…

Here’s the thing, and what I REALLY hope you get from this MLM Training.

Most network marketers out there will put up a website, or a landing page, and that’s it.

It’s up… and if it works it works, if it doesn’t it doesn’t. Well you can’t be one of those people! You have to be one of the people who succeed, and the way to do that is to follow my advice in this

MLM training

article and constantly tweak your pages to try to increase your conversions.

Here’s the thing. Right now your website is converting at the worst it’s ever going to convert, no matter what it’s doing. And there’s always room for improvement.

The greater part of that is that the tiniest little things can increase your optin rates, for instance…

• Changing the headline of your optin box, or landing page!…
• Changing colors around, (including text color, background, etc!)…
• Adding more calls to action (click here, submit your info, etc)…
• Adding arrows (arrows are known in most cases to increase conversions, but not always. You have to test it out for your websites and your readers)….
• Change your submit button…
• Add an image…
• Change your lead magnet…
• Change the name of your lead magnet…
• Change your footer text to assure the reader that they won’t be spammed…
• Ask for less information…
• Add testimonials for social proof
• Etc. Etc.

There are so many little tweaks that you can do. The list goes on and on, but the ones above are some that you could and should start with.

Every little increase will help, even if it’s just by one percentage point. That’s one person out of every 100 visitors who may become a great leader and change your life forever.

3) Be More Personal With Your Content… One of the things that will make someone optin to your sales funnel, and/or join your business, is knowing that you’re a real and likable person. I try to do that with my blogs and MLM training sites. I can’t help myself, but I know that it helps that I do it.

You can’t show that if you’re only posting boring generic content. Make your stories personal, add some video to your sites, some audio, some photos, etc.

Make you articles and blog posts real and just speak in real language. Forget the proper English and all that stuff. With your websites, you can give your English teacher the finger and be yourself.

Remember little increases can make a huge difference overtime, and with each and every increase in conversion, you increase your changes of getting that MLM heavy weight superstar come join your business…or a ton of average distributors that eventually adds up to paying your mortgage!

Alright, so I hope that you’ll take action on this MLM training, and go out there and started increasing your optin rate TODAY.

MLM Training – What “Fake it ‘Til You Make It” Really Means… and What It Doesn’t Mean!

Many times, when receiving MLM training, or reading a book about MLM, you’ll hear the term “fake it ‘til you make it”.

The fact is, that there is some merit to this MLM advice. But unfortunately, far too many people don’t understand what that is, and that can be a major problem.

So what then does it mean, and how can you avoid getting the wrong message?

Heed This MLM Training Advice to Avoid Embarrassment and Unethical Behavior!

One thing that you’ve got to understand is that this bit of advice to fake it until you make it is not a training technique or tactic as much as it is a mindset technique.

You see, when people start out in any sort of sales or persuasion vocation, then confidence isn’t so much a luxury. It’s usually something that’s lacking, and all the MLM training in the world can’t pump your chest and raise your chin. But somehow, someway, tricking your mind isn’t such a hard task as you may think it is.

Often times, you can fool yourself simply by pretending, in your own mind that you’re better than you think you are. In other words, you can nearly instantly create confidence, simply by pretending that you have confidence.

Tony Robbins covers this a bit when he talks about using physiology to change your moods. People who tend to be depressed have a certain physiology to them, and Tony Robbins (well his predecessors in NLP if we’re being honest) have figured out that you can actually turn this phenomenon around.

In other words, you can depress yourself, simply by acting as if you’re depressed, or taking on the physical characteristics of a depressed person.

This Peanuts cartoon strip displays it perfectly…

MLM Training Charlie Brown DepressedPerhaps Jim Schulz was into NLP…

So anyway…of course if you can depress yourself, why can’t you then boost yourself up by acting confident… or as they say in MLM training… “Fake it ‘til you make it”?

How Some Get This MLM Training Tip Wrong

Unfortunately some distributors out there don’t understand that this is more of a Jedi mind trick. They instead think of it as a sneaky tactic.

What follows is that they will go ahead and be unscrupulous with prospects, and fake their actual level of success. They’ll do this just long enough to get the prospect to join their business opportunity.

They make income claims that they’re earning, as well as what the prospect could possibly earn that simply aren’t true. With that they give not only themselves a bad name, but they give the industry a bad name to boot.

And all this because they’ve taken what could be effective MLM training for mindset techniques all wrong, and turned it into a reason to be unethical…and lie.

Do yourself a favor…give yourself confidence that you need anyway you can. But don’t use this MLM training technique as a reason to lie and cheat yourself into a down line.

MLM Training – Why You May Be Feeling Some Heavy MLM Overwhelm

MLM Training If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with your home business then you might be looking for some MLM training that’s going to help you get out of that state of mind.

But this is often the mistake that a lot of people make because they’re trying to learn a ton of things at once.

Many people are listening to their upline sponsors telling them what to do, as well as going off on their own to learn a ton of other things being spouted online.

Your Best Bet to Making MLM Training Pay Off

Here’s the thing…

You have to stick with one tactic, and put blinders on to all others sometimes. Otherwise, you’re going to go insane.

These days the internet can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse, especially if you’re trying to build a MLM business. You see, once you join your business then naturally you’re going to want to learn as much as you can about it. But what this often leads to is analysis paralysis…which is essentially is just a severe case of overwhelm.

When you first start out in MLM, everything seems exciting for you.

You’re excited about the fact that you can make a ton of money. You’re excited because you’ve started something new, and you truly want to do the best that you can with it. At the same time, you’re searching for many answers.

As you do that, you’re having a lot of things thrown at you.

A ton of ideas from other marketers, trying to get you to buy into their methods…usually literally! You’re hearing about method after method that’s supposed to bring in leads, downline members, and customers by the hundreds every single day, and they all sound amazing because all you really want to do is prove to yourself and your friends and family that you CAN make this MLM business work.

But in the meantime what you’re doing is simply confusing yourself.

The Key to the Kind of MLM Training That Will Help You See Results

The answer to this is to simply find any ONE proven method, and work it until it works. When I say proven, I mean exactly that. A method that somebody, usually either your sponsor, or someone in your upline has used and/or is using to be successful with.

Any unproven MLM training will simply result in disappointment. And scattered and half-hearted tactics will lead to disappointment and a terrible feeling of overwhelm.

Again, this simply leads you to do nothing, because you become paralyzed. Your mind wants to work in a ton of different directions, and you cannot do it that way.

So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, I strongly advise that you find one source and one method of MLM training, and work it until it works.

MLM Training – Have You Become Complacent?

MLM TrainingAre you one of those people who’ve become complacent wit h your home business, and therefore haven’t been using your MLM training?

Here’s what happens…

Sometimes if we begin doing okay, and we start seeing a little money coming in whether from our home business or even from our 9 to 5 job, we begin to get too comfortable. We lose that drive, and that hunger to do better for ourselves. This does nothing but box us in to our own existence. We never excel because we’ve become comfortable where we are.

It gets worse when we become so comfortable that as things get worse for us, and either we begin to make less money, or the economy catches up to our income and basically shrinks it for us, we simply
deal with it rather than going into overdrive and overcoming our situation.

You’ve Got to Put Your MLM Training Into Use and Kick it Into High Gear

Let me just tell you that MLM isn’t for the everyday Joe. MLM is a business of self development. It’s a business where you must constantly be pushing the envelope. It’s actually one of the very few business models where bettering yourself is part of the benefits package.

But it only works that way if you’re willing to work it that way. This means digging deep down within yourself, and pulling yourself up by the bootstraps, and dedicating yourself to taking your life and your business to the next level.

So what does this truly require?

First it requires stepping out of your comfort zone. That comfort zone has basically become your biggest most dangerous enemy, and it’s time to check out of it immediately.

The best and fastest way to achieve this is to do something that you’ve been putting off doing for a while because even thought of it was making you feel uncomfortable. Or even just something that you’ve been procrastinating over. If you do that one thing, it will almost always likely motivate you to do more, and before you know it you’re rolling again. Often it really is that easy to beat complacency.

But sometimes it’s more stubborn than you are. Sometimes it sticks just a little bit too much.

So the next thing you have to do is utilize you best asset with an MLM business, and that’s your upline sponsor. If you have an upline sponsor that does what they’re supposed to and helps you out (so many unfortunately don’t) then you must go to them and tell them you need some extra MLM training help.

Tell them your situation. We all get into that situation and sometimes just talking to someone who’s been there done that before will help you out more than you could believe.

A Radical Way to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Get New MLM Training

One of the other things that I like to do is try something new. Trying a new marketing method, or if you’re really that complacent and want to change things up, then you can join a whole new business that will reinvigorate you.

Sure most people will tell you that you shouldn’t jump around, and that’s true, you shouldn’t.

But at the same time we’re human. We all need change, and sometimes a change of company and new products, and new upline with a new outlook on the business is exactly the kind of thing that not only can take you out of your comfort zone, but also exactly what you need to totally take your life into the stratosphere.

The main thing to think about is that the longer you stay in your comfort zone, the harder it will be to get out of it. You’ve got to make radical changes and really utilize any and all new MLM training that you get from new leaders that you meet.

MLM Training – How to Create a Quick Cash Injection to Stimulate Your Home Business…

MLM Training Many people right now, in the beginning of a new year are looking for the type of MLM training that’s going to stimulate their business and take it to new heights.

If that’s you then you should be proud of yourself.

Put simply, that’s exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. After all, you’ve got a home business and the purpose of having that is growing that business right? Of course it is!

But one of the problems that comes along sometimes is that to really grow your business, and to take action on some of the MLM training that you’re undertaking, you’ve got to have a little cash. Advertising dollars will go along way to grow your business.

How to Get Quick Cash and Put Your MLM Training to Use…

Actually you may be looking for quick cash just to start your business. Or you may be looking to pay for some extra MLM training, which doesn’t always come cheap.
Bottom line is that whatever the reason, there are ways to create a quick injection of cash that you may not have thought about, so I’m going to go over one of those right here, and right now…

How to Create Fast Cash (Important MLM Training Tactics You Need)

Provide a Service to Others Online…

The fact is that there are tons of people online who actually do have extra cash on hand… and instead of doing some of the more menial and tedious tasks that take up their time… they’d much rather pay someone else money to do it, and therefore free up their time. *(By the way, this is something that you’ll want to think about in the future for your own business, and 2011 might be a good for that)…

So now let me guess, you don’t think that you can provide anyone with a service?

Well actually you’d be very surprised what people will pay you to do. Can you write articles, can you submit articles to directories, can you make blog comments on other people’s blogs, can you post in forums, can you build a website, can you build a wordpress blog, can you create Facebook fan pages, can you create Twitter accounts, can you do graphics, can you…

You see the list goes on. There are these tasks and many more that you can do for other people, and basically have money in your Paypal account if not the same day, the very next…depending on the project that you do.

So where do you find the people who are looking to get this stuff done? Great question, and this may be some of the greatest MLM training you ever receive even though it doesn’t have a whole lot to do with MLM right this second. Because the fact is that a) There will always be times when a little extra cash will come in handy, and b) When you’re ready to outsource some of your own work you’ll want to know where to find the best people…

Okay so if you’re looking to provide some of the higher paying services such as writing articles, ebooks, or anything like web design…then you’ll want to go where people are paying the most money and where people trust the service itself.

I still think that Elance is a great place for both finding people to do the work for you as well as providing the service. The reason is that Elance is known all across the net as the “go to” place for finding service providers.

They’re trusted and therefore there’s a nice pool of people their always looking for some sort of service to be done. In fact since this is an MLM training article, the fact is that there are actually plenty of MLM distributors on their, so sure you may be helping someone else build their business a bit, but on the flip side, if you already know the topic it’s much easier to crank out your service and get paid faster.

And there’s nothing unethical about retaining the research that you carry out for your own stuff, so you’re actually killing a couple of birds with one stone right. How’s that for MLM training. 🙂

Another great place to still find work for people looking for services is Craigslist. There are tons and tons of jobs on Craigslist posted everyday, and the beauty of it is that if you’re doing online work, you can go to ANY city that you wish and find jobs. So if there are no jobs in your city, there’s nothing saying that you can’t look in Los Angeles, Phoenix,Chicago,NYC, or anywhere you want. It’s an open playing field and there are new jobs posted each and everyday.

Now for the lower grade stuff, or for a fast cash injection if you don’t need huge amounts, is a place called Fiverr.com. Fiverr is a place where you can post services that you’re willing to provide for just $5. Now that might not sound like much, but the fact is that if someone is willing to pay you $5 to make 3 blog comments on high Page Rank blogs, which you can do in about 10 minutes, you can make some pretty good cashola if you’re quick, and it’s not going to rack your brain.

So there you go. This MLM training might be some of the most important you’ve ever received, even though there wasn’t even one MLM tactic in their.