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MLM success through patience, trust and belief


MLM Success boot camp

MLM success comes through patience, trust and belief. Your experience in the MLM industry plays a huge role in the overall effect of success.  You are in control of the success throttle; your hands can increase or decrease the amount of success that you experience on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You have to have patience, trust and belief in yourself before your business. If you have these traits, then you can transfer yourself into the business aspects and allow it grow with every thought, effort and course of action that you decide.  Always take the time to educate yourself with industry specific information and real world training.

MLM success from patience comes from dealing with prospects, handling the design of the business and other aspects. You will need strong verbal and written communication skills when dealing with prospects and specialists. They desire clear information and directives and you will need to decide the course of action quickly and efficiently. There is nothing wrong with taking a day or two to decide which web design is better or where to ship the products too which warehouse. You should not change your mind in the midst of communication, unless the new belief or idea is brilliant and solves the issue better than the previous idea.

MLM success built on a rigid warrior mind

MLM success also derives from trust; you have to trust your judgment, mind and other capabilities to make informed decisions regarding your business adventures.  Trust in your vendors, parent company and members to provide the right assistance comes from time and experience with them. It is not recommended to change companies like dirty socks, give the company at least a year before you change. Your reasons should be sound and logical and not full of emotional attachments. A clear and precise separation due to X reason is better than stuttering Y reasons. Always investigate into the companies before switching and talk to their representatives before jumping into the fire.

Belief is simple and it starts with having a great idea and then turning it into reality. You can blow smoke all day about product Zen but if you do not make it materialize and marketable, no one will care much about the theories and potential. Take your beliefs and make them into achievable goals and by doing this you will find success in life, money, business, friends and other areas. How do you believe in your company? You start by believing in your capacity to perform, to maintain and to be successful in yourself and once this is a habit, everything else will fall into place. Once your belief is rock hard like a mountain, it will turn into faith and faith is the river of life, love and growth.

Ally yourself with MLM success

Remember these three core elements and develop them beyond your control and you can find success in any venture that you undertake. Don’t forget to recycle and give back to charities, once your success hits hard like a hurricane, it’s up to you to do the right thing.






MLM Business – What Does Your Marketing Say About You and Your Personality?

MLM BusinessWhen you’re marketing for your MLM business, have you ever thought about what that marketing says about you and your personality?

If not then you might start to see what I mean as you read this article.

Your marketing can be indicative of your personality, but on the flip side it could very well make you see sides of yourself that you need in order to see improvement in your life and your marketing.

How to Improve Yourself and Your MLM Business by Analyzing Your Marketing

Just like personalities, or consequential of them, people have different characteristics of their marketing.

Some are more aggressive. Some are extremely aggressive. Some are passive or extremely passive.

Most people however probably fall somewhere in the middle. They’ll market in some areas aggressively, while they’ll be more passive in other areas.

For instance, someone who’s a little more passive and shy probably doesn’t like to be out in front. So they likely aren’t going to be into doing a bunch of videos, or standing in front of a white board during a presentation that gets sent all over Youtube and Facebook.

But that same person might be very passionate about blogging and writing, or creating online videos that don’t require them to be front and center.

On the flipside, the aggressive marketer who’s not one bit shy will probably have tons and tons of videos on Youtube, and do lots of presentations each year. He or she won’t mind one bit being on video, or being out there for the whole world to see.

So which one is better? Which marketer is going to be more successful with their MLM business?

Well who knows! It could be that they’d make the same amount though, being that each is using their strengths and doing their own things equally as passionately.

But there’s also the point to make that it could tell you that maybe it’s time to turn up the dial a bit on one side or the other. Couldn’t it do the more aggressive video marketer some good to put up a blog, and start getting a new audience that way?

And couldn’t it do the more passive written content marketer some good to reach out to the whole audience that are easily persuaded by the spoken word and videos?

So how can you use this analysis for self development? I think it’s pretty clear, but let’s take the passive marketer. Sure you use your strengths in marketing, but the passiveness in your marketing for you MLM business indicates that you’re probably too passive in life as well.

There’s a chance that you may shy away from either conflict, from the spotlight, from attention…in times when attention would be good for you. That could either be within your MLM business or outside of it. You may need to work on building confidence, self esteem, and even belief in yourself.

There’s a chance if you’re the more aggressive marketer who likes to spread themselves over the internet on videos that you’re a little too aggressive. In life that may lead to putting people off a bit. You may need to be a little more introspective. You may need to listen a little more rather than always be the talker.

The point is not me figuring out what you need to develop within yourself to be better at all of this, the point is that YOU can now, through the marketing you conduct in your MLM business, start see what you might could improve about yourself.

MLM Home Business – It’s Time to Start Setting Your Goals for 2012

MLM Home BusinessYour MLM home business is supposed to grow year after year.

Did you realize that? Of course you did.

But how do YOU make that growth happen? Do you sit around and hope it grows? Do you let things simply happen to your MLM home business and then react? Or do you plan ahead for what you want to achieve and then set out taking action to make your plans take affect?

If you answered that you plan for success, and then take action then you’re on the right track. You don’t need to read any further…unless of course you want to learn to really plan and set goals that almost always create success.

How to Set Goals for Your MLM Home Business in 2012

Goals are something that many people get wrong. It’s just not something that’s taught enough in school, and what a pity that it is. Could say a lot actually for the state of affairs that we’re in! People aren’t goal focused anymore. They react to what happens to them, and then whine and complain if things didn’t happen perfectly.

Don’t be that person. That’s insanity.

If you want to succeed with your MLM home business, you simply need to plan for success.

There are a few things that you have to get right though when setting goals for your home business.

First: You Need a Clear Objective… You need to know exactly what you want before you can ever dream to get it. In other words you have to have a clear and detailed goal in mind.

If you’ve never been big on creating goals, then this whole concept may be new to you. However if you’ve already gotten to where you’re at now by creating goals, then you know what I mean.

But here’s the thing that will help you achieve way more this year, and it’s quite simple. Be detailed. A clear goal is an achievable goal.

If you want to earn more money this year… how much money exactly? If you want more freedom, how much time per week do you want free? If you want to quit your job this year…by what date do you want to quit it, and how much will you be making when you do so? See how different that is than general goals?

Second: You Need to Have Deadlines… There’s nothing that will increase your chances of getting stuff done more than a good, solid…DEADLINE!

Here’s the trick though with goals and deadlines. You need short term goal deadlines, and longer term goal deadlines. So you may want to be making $10,000 a month by the end of 2012, but you can’t just go from 0 to $10,000. It’s going to take some time, so instead you might say, in January I’ll make just $500 for the month. In February you’ll double that, and March you’ll double that to $4000, etc.

This will give you more realistic goals to shoot for, and better yet achieve, so that you don’t get frustrated and give up.

Third: Create a Solid Action-Plan… What’s a goal without a way of achieving it? I’ll tell you what it is…it’s a dream. You’re not dreaming right now, you’re carving a new path to success. Your action plan should be detailed for each step and each deadline. What will you do to get there?

One last little bit.

When it comes to goals, most people shoot way too low. They’re afraid of disappointing themselves so they aim low. However the nice thing about goals is that when you aim too high, and even when you almost make it, you’re much better off than you were when you started.

If you’re ready to set your goals and achieve them for your MLM home business in 2012, this advice is exactly all that you need to do so.

MLM Business – What to Do In Hard Times To Ensure You Come Out On Top

MLM BusinessIf you’re running an MLM business, right now may be a tough time for you.

With the world’s economy in the tank, it may seem like the thing to do is to just throw your hands up and quit.

But in fact that’s the worst thing that you can do. Right now may actually be the best time for you to expand your business.

Why You Need to Keep Swinging for the Fences with Your MLM Business

So usually the natural instinct for people when times get tough is to slow down or give up. But in fact, history has proven that in the worst times, huge wealth has been created. Those that kept pushing and persevering when everyone else was crying over their losses usually end up seeing huge gains.

The fact is that most people right now are giving up on their MLM business, and that’s sad.

Yes it may seem harder, and feel like you’re spinning your wheels, but actually you may be getting a lot more traction that you think. You may be gaining ground that you just don’t realize.

More people made huge shifts in wealth during the great depression than practically any other time in American history. Those investors at the times who threw their hands up and quit because they lost hope and faith, they ended up right along side everyone else on the food lines. They also stayed on those food lines for a long time after, if not forever, blaming the Great Depression for their losses.

Then there were those other folks who saw opportunity in the hard times. They kept investing in some of the cheapest, most affordable investments ever. They may have also been in those same food lines at the time, but since they kept working hard and investing, when things started to turn around…they came out on top. Way on top!

It’s happened over and over throughout history, and will likely happen for you as well if you’ll be persistent and persevere through these trying times that we’re in now.

But here’s the thing…

It may be harder than ever. Things may not happen as quickly (or maybe they’ll happen more quickly, who knows.)

But if you’re out there, slugging away through this economic turmoil that we’re in while everyone else is hanging up their gloves until it’s all over, when they finally come out of their stupor….you’ll be light years ahead with your MLM business.

When everyone else is pulling down their advertising, you’ll be getting some of the cheapest advertising ever. And the plus side is that since everyone else has gone home, you’ll have ripe pickings for quite sometime.

When things turn around for the better, there will be millions of people just starting over with their MLM business. They’ll decide to give it another shot because things look okay again.
You however will have been in the trenches building your business at a vigorous pace. They’ll still be laying their tracks, while your tracks have already been laid, and now you’re just piling people on the train to a better life, under your watch.

Not only that, but when your downline sees you whitewashing the picket fence, they’ll want to join in to. It will be infectious, and then during these times, you’ll have a whole team out there working while everyone else is sleeping it off saying “wake me when it’s over”.

Don’t be the wake me when it’s over person. Work your butt off while they’re asleep, you you’ll come out on top with your MLM business.

MLM Success – Beating the “I Don’t Have Time” Myth…Within Yourself

MLM SuccessOn your quest for MLM success, have you been cheating yourself?

You see, many people will cheat themselves by simply telling themselves that they “don’t have time” when in fact it’s not that they don’t have time as much as they haven’t done a very good job at making the best use of their time.

Now let me say this. I understand completely that if you’re working a job (maybe 2), and you’ve got a family, that finding time can be tough. When you get home from work, and your tired, and the kids are pulling at your for attention…it can be extremely tough to muster up some extra time for working on your MLM business.

But at the same time, how will you ever see MLM success, if you don’t work on your business? The answer is you won’t.

Redefining MLM Success and What You’re Cheating Yourself Out Of…

Let’s start by looking at exactly what you’re really cheating yourself out of when you use the “I don’t have time” excuse.

Let’s assume that you are in a job that you don’t like, and you’ve got a family and kids that you care very much about. What does it mean to you then to have a time in the very near future (depending on how hard you work) where you can have ample free time to spend with those kids, simply because you don’t have to go to the job that you hate anymore…and you’re making a residual income that comes in even when you take an hour break to play with the kids?

It’s something that you likely dream about. Well the good news is that it’s something that IS totally possible, but it won’t happen without sacrificing a little time now.

You see these days people haven’t learned, and so it hasn’t been passed down to a great many people, that you nearly always (99.99999%) of the time MUST sacrifice if you want any sort of reward. So if you want the freedom to spend tons of time with your family in the future, then you’ll likely have to sacrifice some time now. I guarantee you though that the reward will be much more profound than the little bit of suffering that you have to do now.

How to Find Extra Time Under the Seat Cushions for MLM Success

So where are you going to find this extra time.

There are a few easy and simple places to find that time. Now this first one may even make it so that you don’t have to cut into family time.

If you’ve ever heard this proverb from Benjamin Franklin’s “Poor Richard’s Almanac” then you’ll understand… The proverb “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise” is quite relevant for you.

So my number one suggestion is to get up an hour early each day, and get to work on your business. This can be a very productive time for you. Or you can turn it around a bit, and simply stay up late, and work for an hour after the kiddies go to bed. Sometimes if you need to make phone this can be an option too, especially if you’re on the East making phone calls to the West.

I would also recommend creating a time log for the next few days, and accounting for the time that you spend. By doing this, you’ll often find that you have much more time than you thought you did. For instance the average person watches television about 1 hour per day, some much more. That hour a day of course could start to build a nice part time income that can snowball to much more over the course of a year.

The important thing for MLM success is that you’re consistent. You need to work on your business each and every single day, even if it is only 1 hour.

Doing this will make you see your MLM success rate begin to skyrocket faster then you could imagine.