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MLM Marketing – Questions to Ask About Your Marketing for the Coming New Year!

MLM Marketing QuestionsWith the coming new year it’s time to figure out ways that we can improve your MLM marketing.

That’s because it’s time to get down to some brass tax, and analyze ways you can improve your conversions within your marketing.

Basically you want to bring in more leads and close more leads right? So then there are things that you’ll need to ask yourself to make sure that you’re doing as well as you can with that. Without questions there are no answers, so let’s get through those questions now.

Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself About Your MLM Marketing Starting Now!

Question 1: What’s Working? One of the things that people usually focus on first with their MLM marketing is what’s NOT working. But the most important thing in your marketing is what IS working, because once you find that out, you simply need to do more of it.

If this was the only thing that you did, or the only question you asked yourself about your MLM marketing then your business would improve next year. It’s as simple as that. Because once you figure out what’s working, the only thing left to do…and your subconscious mind pretty much does on it’s own…is starting doing more of that.

But we’re not going to leave off there, because we really want to grow our business next year. So…

Question 2: What’s Not Working Ok so now you can get to that question! Why would you want to? Because now that you know what is working, and then you find out what’s not working…you can clearly see where you can replace ineffective activities with effective activities.

Listen the main goal is to increase conversion rates. If you’re placing ads on Facebook, Ads on forums, Ads through PPC, and sending out postcards, then you may very well be spending time on one of these activities that’s eating your time up. It’s a waste. If you find out where your weak points are, and replace them with more of your strong points, you increase conversions…simple and easy.

But to do that you need to ask this next question…

Question 3: Am I Tracking Enough? All marketing whether MLM marketing or otherwise requires tracking. In other words, setting up systems to see what advertising is working and what’s not.

Some people track a little, some people don’t track at all, while others track every little minute detail.

Guess who usually wins… That’s right…those that track very closely.

But if you’re not tracking your MLM marketing at all, then at least starting to track a little bit will benefit you greatly and then you can increase it from there. If you’re already tracking some, then finding holes won’t be ashard, but you should increase that tracking.

Every detail of your marketing can be tracked. There’s probably a learning curve involved there, but it will do you more good than just about anything you can do for your MLM business.

Okay so you’ve got some work to do. Ask yourself these MLM marketing questions, and get to work finding the answers.

MLM Marketing – What Does Integrity Mean to You and Why You Need to Think About It!

MLM MarketingThere are so many people who lack integrity these days, who are making their MLM marketing affect those of us who do have integrity.

Of course this is the way of life right? There’s always one bad apple. But here’s the real question…Are YOU the bad apple?

Are you using integrity with your MLM marketing? Furthermore, are you demonstrating and doing your best to assure that your downline uses integrity in their marketing? Because if one bad apple will spoil the bunch, you could wind up as part of the bunch!

Why Integrity With Your MLM Marketing Means More Now Than Ever

As I write this we live in an increasingly weary world.

As I write this countries are on fire in the middle east with protest after protest. Oil and gasoline prices are rising, clothing and food prices are rising, the dollar is losing value daily, protesters are in state capitals, leaders are falling in countries where they’ve dictated for years.

In other words people are weary, not very trusting, and they’re being very careful where they invest their money. This means that when you ask them to invest in a business opportunity, they’re going to be more cautious than ever.

At the same time, like it or not, we’re in an industry who’s name is synonymous at times with the words scam and scheme. Why? Is it because our industry is a scam? Is it because what we do is get people into a pyramid scheme so that only we can make money? Not by a long shot!

It’s because too many people in our industry have been conducting their MLM marketing without integrity. It’s also because too many people have run their business without integrity. This affects YOU and ME, those of us who DO run our MLM businesses with the highest regard to integrity. It affects those of us who are principled, and who truly believe that what we’re offering people is the greatest opportunity in the world.

It makes our job harder, but do you know what it ultimately does. It means that we have to have even more integrity. It means that we have to be even more principled and be very sure that what we do is not just for our own benefit, but for the benefit of those that our MLM marketing is directed toward.

We have to be the ones who stand by our word, who are accountable, and who take the time to demonstrate our integrity to our downline. If we can do this, and start squeezing our those who are corrupt in their MLM marketing and MLM business practices…it means our industry can last many more generations!

MLM Marketing – How to Stand Out from the Very Crowded MLM Marketing Space…

MLM MarketingHave you ever wondered how in a crowd of so many people trying to do the same type of MLM marketing that you’re doing…how you can make yourself stand out from the crowd?

It’s a pretty common stress, and it’s can seem like an insurmountable feat. But there are ways to make your marketing stand out from the crowd.

Making Your MLM Marketing Stand Out from the Crowd

There’s a ton of cookie cutter “same ole same ole” MLM marketing going on out there constantly . The marketplace is full of “me too” marketing where it seems like each and every person is saying he same exact things over and over again.

Well, if you want to see drastic success with your online efforts then you’re going to have to make your marketing stand out from the crowd. I’m going to give you…

3 Ways to Make Your MLM Marketing Grab People’s Attention…

First… Be You! – One of the great advantages of YOU is that there’s nobody else like you. There is no other you’s out there, and therefore that automatically makes you unique.

But most people are afraid to use that in their marketing. They’re afraid to let the world see who they really are and let their personality shine. So they write boring cookie cutter content, or make boring cookie cutter videos or audios that basically work to put people right to sleep rather than motivate them to want to work with you.

That’s not going to get you anywhere but lost in the crowd. You’ve got to let YOU shine through and let the world know who you are, because ultimately that’s what’s going to drive them to want to work with and partner up with you.

Second… Be Reachable! – So many people these days want to hide behind their computer, and never make any human contact with others.

It’s great that we have tools now that allow you to work from home, and be able to introduce people into your business from around the world. But the fact is that just because you can, doesn’t always mean that you should.

And besides that. We live in a time where being personal and reachable is easier than ever on a large scale. Social networking sites like Facebook allow you to let people get to know you. Technology like Skype let’s you talk, and even video chat for free to basically anyone in the world. If you’re not using these tools then you’re missing out.

People are craving that human contact. People get excited when either Ann or I call them up minutes after they’ve left their info at our website. Many tell us that they can’t believe it, and that they’ve been looking for someone for months who will just get back to them when they request it.

And you know what? Those that go on to join our business continue the trend and do the exact same thing with their prospects, and it’s working like gangbusters for them too.
You don’t have to put on seminars, or hotel parties, but you should make yourself highly available to your prospects as part of your MLM marketing.

Third…Be Honest and Ethical – Wow, seems like a duh sort of concept, but you’ll be surprised out far out of the crowd you stand, just by showing prospects that you’re honest and ethical.

This means never making bigger promises than you can keep when it comes to your business opportunity. Be honest about income expectations. Be honest about your income no matter what level it’s at. Do what you say you’re going to do, call when you say you’re going to call, etc. Basically treat others the way that you would want them to treat you and you’ll do quite well, and stand head and shoulders above the rest with your MLM marketing.