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Should you Market Your Opportunity or Yourself?

Should I Market My Opportunity or Myself?

Should I Market My Opportunity or Myself?

Of course if you’re a network marketer and you’ve spent any amount of time online, trying to learn how to do this stuff better, then you’ve probably been hearing over and over again that you shouldn’t be promoting your opportunity, but you should be promoting yourself.

Unfortunately some people have taken that a little bit too far in the way that they’ve actually implemented this advice.

The truth is that people, your prospects really don’t give a darn about YOU at all. They don’t care who you are. And if you think about it, why would they?

But everyday, some new network marketer takes the advice of marketing YOU way out of proportion, and builds websites and pamphlets, etc. all about themselves and how great they are.

What prospects care about most is themselves, plain and simple…

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