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MLM Marketing – Are You Wasting Your Time With Your MLM Marketing. Here’s How to Make All of Your Marketing Count!

MLM MarketingIt’s sad when I see so many people spending so much of their time on MLM marketing that just isn’t working for them. Yet they stick with what’s working and do it over and over again, hoping for a different result.

Even though it fits,I’m not going to spew out for you again the Einstein quote about insanity. But you do need to realize that if you’re not changing what’s not working, you’re not going to make any difference in your MLM marketing. And of course yes, you will get the same results over and over.

Ok…so I should have just quoted the source. Oh well.

What You Need to Find Out About Your MLM Marketing Pronto!

If there’s anything that you need to know about your MLM business, it’s knowing what’s working, and what’s not working.

If you don’t know these two things, then you need to stop everything you’re doing right now, and before 2012 gets here, and you set any sort of goals, you need to find out what’s working for your marketing for MLM.

This means that you may have to set up tracking if you haven’t already. That’s the basics of knowing what’s working and what’s not. Tracking is everything and until you have tracking set up, then you’ll never have any idea about what you can or can’t change.

Well, okay…if you’re not having ANY sort of success at all, then you know that what you’re doing, whatever it is, isn’t working. So stop doing just that. Or set up tracking on that, and see if there’s any element that has the potential to work.

For instance, let’s say that you’re trying FORUM marketing. That’s hot in some circles, and some people have great success with it, and teach a great deal of it.

So if you’re trying that, and you’re marketing in five different forums, but you’re not getting any sign ups, does it mean that what you’re doing can’t be tweaked. Does it mean that your MLM marketing within forums is forever doomed? No, it simply means that your MLM marketing in forums may be missing something.

Again, this is where tracking is important.

Perhaps out of 5 of those MLM forums that you’re marketing, only 1 is bringing you any traffic at all. Makes sense right, if you consider that in almost any endeavor in live, only 20% of anything you do is going to give you 80% of your results. So 1 out of 5 is 20%, so we might be on to something.

So once you start tracking your forum posting, and seeing where the traffic is coming from, then you know that you should simply ditch the other forums, and focus on the forum that is giving you traffic.

It might mean that you need to post more, just for the law of numbers to work. It could mean that you need to change your signature file to make it more appealing so that more of the people who view your posts will click it.

It might even mean that you have to write more quality content within that forum so that people who read your posts feel more compelled to trust you as an authority.

It might be that the page that you’re leading people to is not relevant to the content in your posts, so perhaps you can make a simple squeeze page, that can be easily tweaked in order to be more relevant to the specific posts.

The point is that with MLM marketing, there are tons and tons of variable. But you won’t know those variables until you’re tracking your efforts. Once you do that, and you understand where you need to tweak here and there, you should see your MLM marketing results SKYROCKET!!

MLM Marketing – Questions to Ask About Your Marketing for the Coming New Year!

MLM Marketing QuestionsWith the coming new year it’s time to figure out ways that we can improve your MLM marketing.

That’s because it’s time to get down to some brass tax, and analyze ways you can improve your conversions within your marketing.

Basically you want to bring in more leads and close more leads right? So then there are things that you’ll need to ask yourself to make sure that you’re doing as well as you can with that. Without questions there are no answers, so let’s get through those questions now.

Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself About Your MLM Marketing Starting Now!

Question 1: What’s Working? One of the things that people usually focus on first with their MLM marketing is what’s NOT working. But the most important thing in your marketing is what IS working, because once you find that out, you simply need to do more of it.

If this was the only thing that you did, or the only question you asked yourself about your MLM marketing then your business would improve next year. It’s as simple as that. Because once you figure out what’s working, the only thing left to do…and your subconscious mind pretty much does on it’s own…is starting doing more of that.

But we’re not going to leave off there, because we really want to grow our business next year. So…

Question 2: What’s Not Working Ok so now you can get to that question! Why would you want to? Because now that you know what is working, and then you find out what’s not working…you can clearly see where you can replace ineffective activities with effective activities.

Listen the main goal is to increase conversion rates. If you’re placing ads on Facebook, Ads on forums, Ads through PPC, and sending out postcards, then you may very well be spending time on one of these activities that’s eating your time up. It’s a waste. If you find out where your weak points are, and replace them with more of your strong points, you increase conversions…simple and easy.

But to do that you need to ask this next question…

Question 3: Am I Tracking Enough? All marketing whether MLM marketing or otherwise requires tracking. In other words, setting up systems to see what advertising is working and what’s not.

Some people track a little, some people don’t track at all, while others track every little minute detail.

Guess who usually wins… That’s right…those that track very closely.

But if you’re not tracking your MLM marketing at all, then at least starting to track a little bit will benefit you greatly and then you can increase it from there. If you’re already tracking some, then finding holes won’t be ashard, but you should increase that tracking.

Every detail of your marketing can be tracked. There’s probably a learning curve involved there, but it will do you more good than just about anything you can do for your MLM business.

Okay so you’ve got some work to do. Ask yourself these MLM marketing questions, and get to work finding the answers.

MLM Marketing – Do You Feel Your MLM Business Is the Best Company Out There?

MLM MarketingPeople are always wondering how they can get better at MLM marketing.

Getting better means creating more powerful messages, that get the reader or listener to take action on what you’re asking them to do within your messages. Getting more people to join, or become leads, etc.

But while so many struggle for so long with this, there is one easy way of getting better very quickly…

You Have to Be or Become a Huge Fan of Your Company and Products to Get Much Better at MLM Marketing Fast

If you’ve ever been in sales, then you’ve probably heard of the saying “becoming a product of the product”.  This means that you must actually like or even love a product so much that your enthusiasm for it shines through.

You see, there are some things in life that you just can’t fake.

Humans have a natural…well…B.S. detector built into them. We all have it and for good reason. It’s called instinct in some cases. In other cases it’s called “gut feeling” but we all act on what we get from that gut feeling.

For instance, we can usually tell when someone is lying to us, but we don’t always understand why. We just feel it. Or we’ll say “I get a bad feeling about this” or something along those lines. But in fact it’s rooted into our DNA to be able to pick up on little subconscious things that people do when they aren’t being forth right. For instance when we lie, our pupils will often dilate.

Also if you’ve studied NLP at all, then you know that people’s eyes direct a certain way when they are lying. People touch their face and ears more. Little nuances like that which though we don’t know them usually in our minds, we know them instinctively.

So what does all this mean for you and your MLM marketing. Does it matter when if it’s just the written word if you really aren’t a huge fan of your products?

Yes. It matters a great deal. Because people can tell even through the written word, through energy I suppose, what you truly think of your products or your company.

Why It Helps Your MLM Marketing So Greatly to Become a Huge Fan of Your Company, or Become a Distributor in a Company You Love

It’s basically just the flip side of what we were talking about above.

When you truly love your products and your opportunity, it shines through into everything you do.

Everytime you tell somebody about your products, they get this sense about your products, and say to themselves “Wow, this person really loves those products. There must be something to them.”

If you’ve ever heard someone from a third person about a certain product, and the person telling you the story says something along the lines of “…And David thinks the world of these products. He couldn’t stop talking about them”, your energy has just past through from you to someone else, who may not have ever even looked at your products.

But the person on the receiving end may end up saying… “Well, what is the name of the products he was talking about?”… and so it snowballs from there.

If you’re not a huge fan of your MLM company, whether it be the opportunity, the products, or both…then you need to quickly either become a fan, or find a opportunity that you CAN be a huge fan of quickly…because whether you realize it or not…it’s affecting your MLM marketing in a big way.

MLM Marketing – How to Really Get People to Listen to Your Marketing Message and Respond the Way You Want

MLM MarketingWhen it comes to your MLM marketing, the one thing that you want is for people to listen to your marketing message.

There are plenty of people who have marketing messages out there, but probably 99% of those get ignored.

The ones who do get noticed, heard, and acted upon are the ones that do a few certain things right. This post is going to tell you exactly what those few things are.

What Your MLM Marketing Message Should Do to Be As Effective As Possible

One of the things that people usually try to do with their marketing methods is to right away make the sale. Of course the goal of your marketing message is for selling either your MLM opportunity, or for selling your MLM products. But people are usually not ready to respond to your message right off the bat.

However, there are things that you can do to increase your chances of having people respond to your marketing messages.

One of the biggest mistakes that people do with their MLM marketing is to make it…well…boring. People think that what they’ve got to do is hard sell, and push their message down their prospects throat until they respond positively. Only problem with that is that usually doesn’t work. You’ve got to use not just finesse, but logic. You’ve got to consider what people actually respond to, and what they’re looking for.

Here are

Three things to add to your marketing messages that will make people respond in a much more favorable way…

First – Highly Relevant and Valuable Information… Your marketing message must be highly relevant to your reader, and what they’re looking for, or else you’re going to lose them quite quickly.

For instance how many times have you been online looking for information, or even found a headline in a newspaper, or a title of a book, and quickly realized that the content inside really had nothing to do with what you thought it would be? So what’s usually your first reaction? You stop reading right? You leave the webpage, or you find another article, or you close the book!

You have to make your message relevant and targeted to those who are likely to be interested in your opportunity or products. That in fact usually means that you’ll need more than one message.

Secondly – You Have to Be Entertaining It’s one thing to have good, valuable, and relevant content, but if that content is a bore, then you’re going to lose the prospect all the same.

People in this world loved to be entertained. You can see that by the millions of hits that You Tube videos get, or how many channels there are on cable. People need entertainment and they’ll go to great lengths to get it.

Third – You Want to be Educational… People want to feel like they’ve gotten something from your message. If they feel like they’ve just wasted their time getting sold to, then they’re gonna be aggravated and disappointed.

But if they feel like they’ve come away with something from your message, then they’re much more likely to respond accordingly.

Of course if you can be relevant, entertaining, and even educational with your message then you’ve hit a perfect trifecta. If you want a great example of someone who could do this amazingly well…as well as being inspirational, then the late Steve Jobs is the guy you should study.

He was amazingly well at getting his marketing messages consumed because he included all the above nearly everytime. It’s time that you took a hint from a great messenger and add these elements to your MLM marketing, and you’ll likely start seeing some amazing results.

MLM Marketing – Personal Branding VS. Company Branding…Which is Better?

MLM Marketing BrandingWhen it comes to MLM marketing, many people struggle with whether or not they should be doing more for personal branding, or more for company branding.

It’s a good question actually, but the truth is that it’s not a simple cut and dry answer.

You see, there’s something to be said about doing a little bit of both. But in the right ratio would be a rule to follow…

MLM Marketing Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Marketing Efforts

Okay, so what’s the right ratio? How do you conduct your MLM marketing, and what do you focus on most…branding YOU or branding your MLM company.

Let’s look at the facts here…

When someone joins an MLM company, what are they really looking to do?

Are they usually looking to join an MLM company, or are they looking to join a business opportunity that will allow them to make money and have financial freedom?

If you guessed the latter, then you’re correct. Very seldom are people looking to join an MLM company. Very seldom are people really investigating companies, and their financials. The greatest majority of the times, those who join an MLM company do so because they want more money, and at that time they were ready to start making more money somehow or someway, they’re introduced to MLM by someone like you…through your MLM marketing.

So therefore, that above paragraph should tell you exactly who you need to be branding first and foremost. YOU!!

You are the one that will introduce prospects to MLM. Therefore YOU are the person that they will need to trust, and see as credible.

The way to do that is through your MLM marketing. You must show prospects that you’re the read deal, and that you can get them the results that they want. You must make them trust YOU, and your abilities. At that point, they really don’t care a whole lot about what the company is, or what it entails. They care about the fact that YOU can show them how to become financially free.

But then…

As soon as they see that you are trustworthy and credible (through social proof, and well proof in your results) then they suddenly become very interested in the way that you make money.

The suddenly become curious as to what vehicle that you’re using to make YOUR money.

That’s where branding your company comes into play… You’ve got to have some branding power from your company, to back up your own credibility.

It’s at this point that they’ll want to know what the company is, what they sell, that people like the products, that people like the opportunity, that it’s financially sound so that they’ll continue to get paid, and so on and so forth.

So this should tell you in what order that you’ll have to focus your MLM marketing efforts for the best results when it comes to branding.