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MLM Marketing – Are You Wasting Your Time With Your MLM Marketing. Here’s How to Make All of Your Marketing Count!

MLM MarketingIt’s sad when I see so many people spending so much of their time on MLM marketing that just isn’t working for them. Yet they stick with what’s working and do it over and over again, hoping for a different result.

Even though it fits,I’m not going to spew out for you again the Einstein quote about insanity. But you do need to realize that if you’re not changing what’s not working, you’re not going to make any difference in your MLM marketing. And of course yes, you will get the same results over and over.

Ok…so I should have just quoted the source. Oh well.

What You Need to Find Out About Your MLM Marketing Pronto!

If there’s anything that you need to know about your MLM business, it’s knowing what’s working, and what’s not working.

If you don’t know these two things, then you need to stop everything you’re doing right now, and before 2012 gets here, and you set any sort of goals, you need to find out what’s working for your marketing for MLM.

This means that you may have to set up tracking if you haven’t already. That’s the basics of knowing what’s working and what’s not. Tracking is everything and until you have tracking set up, then you’ll never have any idea about what you can or can’t change.

Well, okay…if you’re not having ANY sort of success at all, then you know that what you’re doing, whatever it is, isn’t working. So stop doing just that. Or set up tracking on that, and see if there’s any element that has the potential to work.

For instance, let’s say that you’re trying FORUM marketing. That’s hot in some circles, and some people have great success with it, and teach a great deal of it.

So if you’re trying that, and you’re marketing in five different forums, but you’re not getting any sign ups, does it mean that what you’re doing can’t be tweaked. Does it mean that your MLM marketing within forums is forever doomed? No, it simply means that your MLM marketing in forums may be missing something.

Again, this is where tracking is important.

Perhaps out of 5 of those MLM forums that you’re marketing, only 1 is bringing you any traffic at all. Makes sense right, if you consider that in almost any endeavor in live, only 20% of anything you do is going to give you 80% of your results. So 1 out of 5 is 20%, so we might be on to something.

So once you start tracking your forum posting, and seeing where the traffic is coming from, then you know that you should simply ditch the other forums, and focus on the forum that is giving you traffic.

It might mean that you need to post more, just for the law of numbers to work. It could mean that you need to change your signature file to make it more appealing so that more of the people who view your posts will click it.

It might even mean that you have to write more quality content within that forum so that people who read your posts feel more compelled to trust you as an authority.

It might be that the page that you’re leading people to is not relevant to the content in your posts, so perhaps you can make a simple squeeze page, that can be easily tweaked in order to be more relevant to the specific posts.

The point is that with MLM marketing, there are tons and tons of variable. But you won’t know those variables until you’re tracking your efforts. Once you do that, and you understand where you need to tweak here and there, you should see your MLM marketing results SKYROCKET!!

MLM Marketing – What Does Integrity Mean to You and Why You Need to Think About It!

MLM MarketingThere are so many people who lack integrity these days, who are making their MLM marketing affect those of us who do have integrity.

Of course this is the way of life right? There’s always one bad apple. But here’s the real question…Are YOU the bad apple?

Are you using integrity with your MLM marketing? Furthermore, are you demonstrating and doing your best to assure that your downline uses integrity in their marketing? Because if one bad apple will spoil the bunch, you could wind up as part of the bunch!

Why Integrity With Your MLM Marketing Means More Now Than Ever

As I write this we live in an increasingly weary world.

As I write this countries are on fire in the middle east with protest after protest. Oil and gasoline prices are rising, clothing and food prices are rising, the dollar is losing value daily, protesters are in state capitals, leaders are falling in countries where they’ve dictated for years.

In other words people are weary, not very trusting, and they’re being very careful where they invest their money. This means that when you ask them to invest in a business opportunity, they’re going to be more cautious than ever.

At the same time, like it or not, we’re in an industry who’s name is synonymous at times with the words scam and scheme. Why? Is it because our industry is a scam? Is it because what we do is get people into a pyramid scheme so that only we can make money? Not by a long shot!

It’s because too many people in our industry have been conducting their MLM marketing without integrity. It’s also because too many people have run their business without integrity. This affects YOU and ME, those of us who DO run our MLM businesses with the highest regard to integrity. It affects those of us who are principled, and who truly believe that what we’re offering people is the greatest opportunity in the world.

It makes our job harder, but do you know what it ultimately does. It means that we have to have even more integrity. It means that we have to be even more principled and be very sure that what we do is not just for our own benefit, but for the benefit of those that our MLM marketing is directed toward.

We have to be the ones who stand by our word, who are accountable, and who take the time to demonstrate our integrity to our downline. If we can do this, and start squeezing our those who are corrupt in their MLM marketing and MLM business practices…it means our industry can last many more generations!

MLM Marketing – A Word to That Should Be at the TOP of Your List in 2011 and Will Help YOU Grow Your Downline…

MLM MarketingIf you’re looking to enhance your MLM marketing this new year, then there’s something that you need to get used to saying more often.

Let me help you understand this from the perspective of…well…YOU.

When you’re reading something online, and you’re looking for information on how to do something – or just do something better – what is your main concern? Is it of the person who is writing what you’re reading?

When they’re saying “I did this”, or “we are great at this”, does that grab your interest…or more importantly keep it?

Absolutely not – because whether it seems selfish or not – the thing that you’re concerned about at that time is finding an answer that’s going to help who? YOU!

So What’s the Secret Word That’s Going to Help Your MLM Marketing Profoundly This Year?

So what then do you think is the word that’s going to help your MLM marketing significantly by using it much more this year?

You’ve got it. The word is…


You must start putting your reader first in everything you write for your MLM marketing.

You must answer the questions in their mind immediately which are:

Is this going to help me?
What do I have to do exactly?

What your reader doesn’t want to know about is your life story, UNLESS of course it lends to one of those questions above. So is what you’re writing about going to help them? Here’s how you can write that.

“You will be able to make a much higher passive income this year by following these easy steps. I know this because I’ve used the same steps for the last 2 years each and every day. By using them too, YOU will be able to get to the financial freedom that YOU’VE been striving for.”

See how that works? You’ve got to blend it a bit, but you always want to be concerned first and foremost with your reader in mind. And what they’re concerned about, whether you like it or not is themselves.

So if YOU are ready to see significant increases in your MLM marketing effectiveness, YOU’LL begin using the magic word YOU much more often.

Part 2: Building Your MLM Business Globally (Online)!

world-in-hands1Building a community of business builders  across the globe is a great way to make a huge impact on your bank account pretty quickly in MLM, but how the heck do you start that process if you don’t know anybody living abroad?

Well, you know the answer is the internet…but do you know how to use it correctly?

So many people look at the internet as this goldmine, and have grandiose plans to get online and make millions of bucks, but they quickly hit reality when they do get online and realize that it’s not as easy as they imagined.

Just as quickly, analysis paralysis sets in and they get stuck like a deer in the headlights not knowing what to do because of the overwhelming amount of information out there.

Imagine being stuck like a deer in the headlights for not moments but years. That happens constantly and is probably one of the biggest reasons of failure for online marketers.

[This is part of the reason that the system that Ann and I use to train people in our Agel business always starts with the local community, because that way the business actually gets started.]

Okay, but I’ll spare you that soapbox for now…

Here’s what I want to do for you so you can get started building your MLM business online fast.

I want to give you a FREE Gift that will help you “Mastermind a Massive Downline Explosion”…

This is a Step-by-Step course that shows you…

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How to Advertise your MLM Business Without Going Broke!

Advertising Your Business Without Going BrokeMost beginning network marketers immediately start freaking out about how the heck they’re going to afford marketing an MLM business. They start looking anywhere and everywhere…high and low… for the cheapest solutions possible.

They go to Google and type in “how to market my MLM business cheap” or something like that and what happens? They start getting a ton of people marketing to them, and letting them know that they can help them for a small fee of course.

Then they read all about that method of marketing their business cheaply and then never get around to it. They do get around to looking around again though, and back to Google they go until they find the next miracle way to get themselves tons of traffic to a website, or some crazy traffic exchange, or whatever it may be.

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