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Maximizing your potential in any business


Wow, MLM business is on the rise

MLM business success is not a dream or a fairy tale but a reality. How do I become a success in my business? There are key points that every successful business owner at one time or another had to develop in order to reach the next level. Are you using the mlm solutions? The solutions are gateways to overcoming the most common problems that you can encounter in the MLM world. Your true potential cannot be measured easily with financial intakes, product movements or the size of your downline but by the longevity that you can create as storms hit your business.

Bask in the MLM business sucesses

Yes there will be storms and bad weather in your MLM business but if you are prepared to withstand the rain, sleet or hot temperatures, you can easily side step your competition that is bogged down. What is your true potential in business? Your potential is the investment of the mind, spirit and body into your business. It is never the amount of cash spent or used to move here or there but to sum it up, dedication to your people. Your downlines and those around you in life are counting on you to achieve your goals and ambitions. Are you part of the mlm solutions?

Your leadership development and constant education to solve problems and to provide solutions for your consumers are measuring tools. Get your MLM business out of first gear and into overdrive!  If you are considering an MLM business, remember that you should have passion, an open mind and give 100% to the business so that you can build success for your business. The right company will provide you the best training and support, such as ours. You can find your potential in the eyes of your consumers or by the testimonies that they leave on your website. You should realize that life is not always about making money but being the right person to offer a sound advice to those around you.

MLM Business will lead you from dark to light

Break the barrier or stereotypical attitude around you with ease. Get your degree or certificates in a specialized area. Lift your hands to help those struggling under you, be there as a leader for your team, open doors for those who are excelling and you will find your success. The MLM business is calling for you, the door is opening. Don’t you think it’s time to venture out beyond the pasture and find that new found love for life?  The days of an average MLM business are over, it is your time to start the fire and let yourself fly free from the restraints of this life. Keep educating your mind and learning skills that can help you achieve new results.  Positive mindsets are the stepping stones to enlightenment and knowledge is the match that will burn the pile of wood. Some call it drive, others call it focus but we call it ambition that fuels your desire. The door is right there, come and open it for a better life.

Network Marketing Recruiting… Why We’re Glad We’re Terrible Network Marketing Recruiters.

online-marketing-graphAs a pretty darn successful network marketer for about 24 years now, I’ve never actually done any network marketing recruiting.

What? Then how the heck could I be so successful?

Well it’s simple. I don’t consider myself a network marketing recruiter because I don’t align myself with those people who recruit until their blue in the face, and then it stops there. Let’s look at it from a military point of view.

In the military they have recruiting offices. In those offices are military recruiters whose soul jobs are to…you guessed it… recruit soldiers. Once these soldiers are recruited then the “recruiters” are done with that person, and off the new recruits go for training.

They go to bootcamp where other military professionals will train them to be assets to the government.

However as a network marketer it really doesn’t happen like that, at least in my own organization. What I do is network marketing sponsoring. You could even take it a step further and call it network marketing partnering. It’s not like network marketing recruiting at all.

You see a lot of network marketers are nothing but network marketing recruiting machines. They bring people in to their business by the truckloads, but then those people are left to flounder after that. They basically play it as a numbers game. They think “if I bring in enough people a certain percentage of them will go on to do great things on their own basically with little help from me”.

On a mathematical “numbers game” level this is true when it comes to recruiting for network marketing. But the fact is that this same person could have a much more effective business, and make a lot more money – and most importantly change a lot more lives for the better if they were to actually sponsor these people and train them to succeed.

Now let’s look at it from an Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) standpoint.

If you’re an alcoholic and are ready to change your life for the better, and you join A.A., then once you join they’re going to pair you up with a sponsor. What that sponsor will do is take you by the hand and make sure that you succeed in your quest to get and stay sober.

Well, that’s what Ann and I do. Rather than network marketing recruiting where we bring you into our business and just let you cross your fingers hoping that you succeed by yourself… We take you by the hand and make sure that you succeed.

We sponsor you, and your success becomes very personal to us. That’s the huge difference between our organization and most other’s out there, and a huge reason why our organization is so successful.

Not because we’re successful but because so many in our team are successful. That’s huge and we attribute it to the fact that we focus less on being great at network marketing recruiting but great at being network marketing sponsors and partners.

Networking Success Part 2… How to Have People Be More Receptive of Your Message

networkingSo last time when we were talking about networking success, we spoke about the most effective way to get your message across.

To recap it was to be proud of what you do, have an interesting answer to the question of what you do, and have a follow up sort of elevator speech that explains this even more.

Now there’s a danger in me giving that information out without first making sure that you know what to do in order to make that message much more receptive.

Networking success depends on the people within your network being interested in you and your business and wanting to also be proud to spread news about you around. That’s how your network grows.

Of course networking doesn’t have to mean that everything is about business. Networking can really be a group of friends (how large depends on you) who all help each other out. It’s a sort of a back scratching exchange program. But that won’t happened if you don’t do things right.

Crucial Steps to Make Networking Successful

Don’t Think About Yourself. It’s imperative that you’re thoughts are not “what can this person, or group of people can do for me”, but “what can I sincerely do to help these people?”

How do you establish that mindset, and set that tone in your conversations?

Very simple…

Ask Questions and Listen. In what might be the most important book ever written in the self-development field “How to Win Friends and Influence People” Dale Carnegie basically emphasizes throughout the entire book that what people want the most in this world is someone who listens to them, and cares about them.

If you can prove to someone that this is sincerely what’s forefront in your mind, then what you quickly establish is rapport…but maybe even more importantly you create likeability.

If this person likes you, and feels like you genuinely care about them, then they are going to bend over backwards to help you.

Important: For networking success, this all MUST happen before you even mention a word about yourself, or what you do.

The key to this is be first with questions that elicit an informative response. No yes or no questions. Questions that really get to the heart of what the person that you’re speaking to does, thinks about, cares about, wishes, desires, wants, etc.

Believe me, once you get someone talking about themselves, this won’t take near as long as you might think.

The Tricky Part…The Secret That Will Make or Break you When it Comes to Successfully Networking

So listen up. None of what you’ve read will mean anything if you don’t ACTUALLY CARE about the other person. You see, a lot of people will read that, and immediately begin to think of ways that they can trick people into thinking that they actually care.

They’ll start hearing about all of these NLP things like mirroring and all sorts of weird stuff. The bottom line, there’s no substitute in the world for actually caring.

It’s how Ann and I have built 2 huge MLM organizations with hundreds of thousands of people. We cared about each and every person, we still care about each of them, and when we meet new people we find reasons to care. Actually, genuinely, and truly care about their success!

If you want to find networking success… simply start caring about people!

Part 2: Building Your MLM Business Globally (Online)!

world-in-hands1Building a community of business builders  across the globe is a great way to make a huge impact on your bank account pretty quickly in MLM, but how the heck do you start that process if you don’t know anybody living abroad?

Well, you know the answer is the internet…but do you know how to use it correctly?

So many people look at the internet as this goldmine, and have grandiose plans to get online and make millions of bucks, but they quickly hit reality when they do get online and realize that it’s not as easy as they imagined.

Just as quickly, analysis paralysis sets in and they get stuck like a deer in the headlights not knowing what to do because of the overwhelming amount of information out there.

Imagine being stuck like a deer in the headlights for not moments but years. That happens constantly and is probably one of the biggest reasons of failure for online marketers.

[This is part of the reason that the system that Ann and I use to train people in our Agel business always starts with the local community, because that way the business actually gets started.]

Okay, but I’ll spare you that soapbox for now…

Here’s what I want to do for you so you can get started building your MLM business online fast.

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Should you Market Your Opportunity or Yourself?

Should I Market My Opportunity or Myself?

Should I Market My Opportunity or Myself?

Of course if you’re a network marketer and you’ve spent any amount of time online, trying to learn how to do this stuff better, then you’ve probably been hearing over and over again that you shouldn’t be promoting your opportunity, but you should be promoting yourself.

Unfortunately some people have taken that a little bit too far in the way that they’ve actually implemented this advice.

The truth is that people, your prospects really don’t give a darn about YOU at all. They don’t care who you are. And if you think about it, why would they?

But everyday, some new network marketer takes the advice of marketing YOU way out of proportion, and builds websites and pamphlets, etc. all about themselves and how great they are.

What prospects care about most is themselves, plain and simple…

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