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Who’s That Knocking At My Door?

So much of your success is dependent on your ability to recognize that opportunities are all around you. If you only recognized it you would realize the huge potential you have in front of you. Many people ask me how to recognize an opportunity when it’s truly right there in front of their own eyes!

You know, opportunity doesn’t usually come along and BANG on your door…or a streak of LIGHTNING comes flashing down at you from the sky. Frankly, it will just come creeping up to you one lovely day, totally unannounced and take you completely by surprise…so much so you didn’t even notice its presence. Does that sound too philosophical? Nah…I think its right on target! Continue reading

An MLM Millionaire Mindset Or Bust

Do you know why some people succeed in network marketing and others don’t? Have you given it much thought lately? Any idea why there are those who consistently make 70% of the wealth in the industry?

OK… let’s examine the possibilities here. Could it be that these successful MLMers have chosen the right company and you didn’t’? How about having the right sponsor? Or could it be they’re just amazing recruiters? Or maybe they just have the MLM personality? Or perhaps they found The MLM Secret?

To be clear here, the person who is successful has an inner set of beliefsa success mindset, which can help them achieve anything they want. Continue reading

Network Marketing for the Holidays

Network Marketing

Network Marketing Holiday Express


Happy holidays from us to you. Are you ready to expand your Network Marketing business? The holiday season is approaching; we are getting ready to celebrate Halloween, Thanksgiving and the beloved Christmas holidays.  The holiday season can really make your business shine and could be the best money maker part of the year. Providing that you are prepared for the upcoming rush and events that your company should offer at least a month before the first major holiday hits the stores. Your company should have informative brochures and guides to help you prepare and maximize your sales. Their goal is to make you successful and to bring in new orders for products that are in demand.

Network Marketing Deals

The holidays can be the best time for offering a great sale for your existing prospects. They can benefit from their loyalty by your holiday discount. To benefit from the Holidays, you need to run a blog series for a month about the upcoming deals and specials. Incorporating videos will help explain your product deal to the visitor, if the visitor can view you using or holding the product. This will be a good boost to your sales conversions.  Testimonies are a good way but make sure that you have recent ones, at least within the last 30 days. It’s ok to run older ones, try not to run dates they were posted.

Network marketing starts with your effort to create a stream of interested traffic to your website with quality information. How do I increase interest into my product line? Try to avoid using clichés and generic information, which can really irritate people.  If you are not the creative type, hire a writer to develop some catchy but quality articles or blogs to help you market throughout the year or just for the Holidays. They can write everything from scripts to awesome sales copy that you can blast on article directories and other content sharing platforms. The creative word play is the strongest element and weapon against common advertisements but do not mislead.

If you are aiming for Christmas, it’s best for you to run ads, blogs and articles during the month of November.  Your videos can empower your sales and boost the descriptive nature of the products. The descriptive properties are often ignored but they are critical for prospect. The words that talk about the product can either make or break a sale, some Network Marketing professionals may over look this simple area.  Have fun with your blogs and articles, be personal and mention your company a few times or a particular product to your readers. Remember that you need to plan early to help you maximize your sales and offerings. Don’t forget to send out your newsletters with action packed information that should make Tom Guitar cry.

Enjoy your Holidays, Network Marketing

When you balance out everything equally and is updated throughout the sales events, then you have increased your chances for more sales and conversions from prospect to members. Your recruiting cost could decrease without sacrificing on any other scene.

Believing in your MLM Business

MLM Business

Give yourself a raise, MLM Business

Without belief, there can be no success in your mlm business.  It sounds like a super duper harsh statement but not so, my friends. If you cannot believe that you will achieve success in your MLM business, then why should someone expect it to happen?  Having belief and faith in your business is vital for its existence and for it to be prosperous. It is important to believe in something and this belief will be your strength to carry on through good days and rainy days. So why should you have faith in your business? Your attitude and passion is reflected on your business atmosphere. People can sense the energy and drive that you have to offer.

Your MLM business can thrive and flower into something beautiful. It will take hard work and commitment, nothing great is handed out for free. To have a great life you will need to buckle down and put in the hours and faith into the business. Your energy, personality and drive should be displayed for everyone to appreciate. The belief that you know that success and prosperity is right there is the cornerstone of a better understanding and a deeper level of patience. The way that we handle the silence, the raging emails and the moderate days should be based on the way that we believe in ourselves and our business.

MLM Business wants you

Should I start having faith or belief in my business or myself first? Have both faith and belief in both but start with yourself. This will help you gather the right education and skills to help you create the right MLM business campaigns. Faith is something that is ingrained into your spirit and knows will happen at its good time, believe is ideas that come together in the world of business. A good example belief involves marketing ideas that should, could and hope they will work and faith knows that there are marketing ideas that will work.  So if you believe and have faith in yourself, this will boost your conscience desires into motivation to improve yourself or your business.

Overcome obstacles in your MLM Business

Take the next step for your MLM business after developing belief and faith in yourself. Believe that your business will grow and it shall, have faith that your bills are covered and forget the pathetic power of doubt. Rejoice in the enlightenment of self-improvement, turn your little business into something greater and feel the prosperity and joy of freedom. Build your marketing campaigns in faith and research.  Remember that it started with self believe and self-faith and nothing else, not a dollar sandwich. Remember your kind actions and deeds will be your fruit, when the harvest is ready. Some business gives to charities or has their own charitable actions. Giving is a great way to build up a good reputation in the local community; you can also do an internet drive to help your presence grow in a positive fashion.  Just remember that you’re not alone, if you struggle or fall in the mud. Your team is there to help you; they want you to be successful.

Part 2: Building Your MLM Business Globally (Online)!

world-in-hands1Building a community of business builders  across the globe is a great way to make a huge impact on your bank account pretty quickly in MLM, but how the heck do you start that process if you don’t know anybody living abroad?

Well, you know the answer is the internet…but do you know how to use it correctly?

So many people look at the internet as this goldmine, and have grandiose plans to get online and make millions of bucks, but they quickly hit reality when they do get online and realize that it’s not as easy as they imagined.

Just as quickly, analysis paralysis sets in and they get stuck like a deer in the headlights not knowing what to do because of the overwhelming amount of information out there.

Imagine being stuck like a deer in the headlights for not moments but years. That happens constantly and is probably one of the biggest reasons of failure for online marketers.

[This is part of the reason that the system that Ann and I use to train people in our Agel business always starts with the local community, because that way the business actually gets started.]

Okay, but I’ll spare you that soapbox for now…

Here’s what I want to do for you so you can get started building your MLM business online fast.

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Here’s why I’m giving this away… Continue reading