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MLM success through patience, trust and belief


MLM Success boot camp

MLM success comes through patience, trust and belief. Your experience in the MLM industry plays a huge role in the overall effect of success.  You are in control of the success throttle; your hands can increase or decrease the amount of success that you experience on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. You have to have patience, trust and belief in yourself before your business. If you have these traits, then you can transfer yourself into the business aspects and allow it grow with every thought, effort and course of action that you decide.  Always take the time to educate yourself with industry specific information and real world training.

MLM success from patience comes from dealing with prospects, handling the design of the business and other aspects. You will need strong verbal and written communication skills when dealing with prospects and specialists. They desire clear information and directives and you will need to decide the course of action quickly and efficiently. There is nothing wrong with taking a day or two to decide which web design is better or where to ship the products too which warehouse. You should not change your mind in the midst of communication, unless the new belief or idea is brilliant and solves the issue better than the previous idea.

MLM success built on a rigid warrior mind

MLM success also derives from trust; you have to trust your judgment, mind and other capabilities to make informed decisions regarding your business adventures.  Trust in your vendors, parent company and members to provide the right assistance comes from time and experience with them. It is not recommended to change companies like dirty socks, give the company at least a year before you change. Your reasons should be sound and logical and not full of emotional attachments. A clear and precise separation due to X reason is better than stuttering Y reasons. Always investigate into the companies before switching and talk to their representatives before jumping into the fire.

Belief is simple and it starts with having a great idea and then turning it into reality. You can blow smoke all day about product Zen but if you do not make it materialize and marketable, no one will care much about the theories and potential. Take your beliefs and make them into achievable goals and by doing this you will find success in life, money, business, friends and other areas. How do you believe in your company? You start by believing in your capacity to perform, to maintain and to be successful in yourself and once this is a habit, everything else will fall into place. Once your belief is rock hard like a mountain, it will turn into faith and faith is the river of life, love and growth.

Ally yourself with MLM success

Remember these three core elements and develop them beyond your control and you can find success in any venture that you undertake. Don’t forget to recycle and give back to charities, once your success hits hard like a hurricane, it’s up to you to do the right thing.






A Guide to Multi Level Marketing


Anyone who’s considered a home-based business has probably come across multi level marketing or MLM. Also known as network marketing, MLM offers people a commission not only for products they sell, but also for those sold by those they recruit into the program. Multi level marketing started in the U.S. around the 1940’s, and has since gained a mixed reputation as either a lucrative business or a high-profile scam.

Much has been said about the risks of multi level marketing, especially in the news. But while there are some bad apples out there, most MLM opportunities are NOT scams. Read on for a quick guide to the multi level marketing business and how to play it safe and achieve the success you’re looking for with the right company and the right sponsor.

How it works

To get started in multi level marketing, one first has to invest in the products or the supplies needed to sell them. Often, these are health supplements or weight loss products. For every bottle you sell, you get a commission, and so does the person who referred you. Likewise, when you refer a person, you get a commission every time they sell something.

This means that to make the most of multi level marketing, you don’t just have to sell-you also have to get as many people as you can to join in. In fact, many say that this business model places more importance on recruiting than selling. If you get enough people to join, you can make more money from their sales than your own.

Pros and cons

Many people who get into MLM are drawn to the prospect of fast money. Indeed, once you reach a certain number of recruits, assuming they all sell successfully, your commissions can add up effortlessly. Most MLM programs also offer bonuses to those who do well. It also doesn’t require any training or experience, as the products are ready-made and all you have to do is make the initial investment.

The biggest risk to multi level marketing is getting recruited by a scam company. These companies may require people to make a large initial purchase for products that won’t sell, or offer ridiculously small commissions. Even with a reputable firm, however, there are certain downsides: you may need to spend a lot on transport and meals and have trouble making sufficient sales and referrals. Studies show that rejection rates in MLM sales are around 75 to 80 percent, so one must also be ready to face failure.

However, with the proper training and mentoring and correct activities under the guidance of a Network Marketing Professional, your potential for achieving success in MLM is greatly enhanced…just remember if you apply NO WORK EFFORT you will have NO RESULTS.

Things to remember

When properly planned and well researched, multi level marketing can be profitable, often times even enough to earn a full-time living. It’s just about taking the right precautions. The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) advises people to do their homework, get to know a company, and weigh the financial pros and cons before joining an MLM program. Check the Better Business Bureau website to see if a multi level marketing firm is on the right list before signing up.

Like any business venture or investment, you should do your due diligence and make sure that the person introducing or sponsoring you into that particular MLM company has the correct integrity, posture, respect of their peers and can be a guide and coach to you during your MLM journey to financial success and freedom!

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Finding a New MLM Business – Crucial Elements to Consider When Seeking Out a New Opportunity


Are you on the hunt for a new MLM Business? That can be a tough spot to be in actually. I know because my wife and business partner in MLM, Ann Feinstein and me changed companies after 17 years of success with another company, before we came to our present company.

We were a little nervous, and some people naturally thought we were nuts, but the fact is that it was a great decision for us. We’ve reached the same level of income within a few short years, so we were very glad with the decision that we made.

So in other words it’s not a bad thing, it can be a very positive thing down the road in fact when you switch to a new MLM company.

The fact is a lot of people love the concept of MLM, and understand that it’s a tremendous vehicle for making a lot of money and living the lifestyle of their dreams, but they just end up with a company that they’re not happy with, for whatever reason.

Now you don’t want to fall into the trap ever of becoming an opportunity jumper, and always looking for the next best thing. Those who do that are usually the ones that never make any significant income and end up bad mouthing the industry because they can’t stick to one MLM business.

The best thing that you can do for yourself is to give it a lot of thought and truly figure out what it is about your present or previous company that you don’t like, and look for a company that is precisely opposite. It’s probably also a good idea to figure out what you DO like about your present or previous company and try to find a company that has those elements as well.

For instance was it the products that you didn’t like or believe in? This can have a big effect on how you present them to your prospects, and people can generally tell right away if you believe in one what you’re saying or not.

Was it that the company is unethical? If so then you’re best to steer clear from that company, even if it’s just a gut instinct that you have.

Has the person or people who brought you into the team, not shown you how to actually make money from the opportunity with a proven system? This is huge, and you’ll want to work extremely hard to find that in the future.

Your mentors and the system that they have in place (or don’t have) can make or break your business. Find a team with a system that’s already helped tons of people achieve success in MLM and you’ve likely found the best new MLM business for you.

Sometimes even if you do have a great system, the compensation isn’t fair, or generous enough. Plenty of people leave MLM companies because they’re not getting paid enough for their productivity, and rightly so.

Other companies will actually look unkindly on the way that you bring in new distributors. Many have not yet embraced the power of the internet as a tool. Of course sometimes companies are right in the fact that they don’t want spamming and unethical ways of using the internet to spread their companies name around, but others will just downright not accept any use of the internet.

It’s up to you to find the things that you like and don’t like about your new MLM business. But whatever you do don’t make it a rash decision. Take your time and make the right one, because it’s one that you’ll have to live with for a long time. In other words, is a very important decision.

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I Hate My Job – 3 Tips on Quitting a Job and Finding One That’s Much More Fulfilling to Your Life


It’s a sad unfortunate fact that so many people in this world go start off their work day each and every single day saying “I hate my job” and completely dreading going to work each and every single day.

The fact is that with the amount of time that we spend working each day, week, and year… it’s crucial that we don’t have to hate the job that we have.

So if you’re in this situation then it’s time that you turn things around and change your situation, because it’s not going to change on it’s own. If you hate your job, then bottom line you should quit your job. But of course you can’t just quit without having something else lined up and ready to go first.

Here are 3 Tips on Quitting the Job you Hate and Finding One That’s Fulfilling to Your Life…

Tip #1 Know What it Is That You Really Want to Do… So many people end up saying i hate my job because they get stuck in the job that they sort of just fell into. Perhaps you found the job that you’re in because you simply needed a job at the time, and now, however many years later – you’re still there suffering at a job that you don’t like.

If that’s the case, then you may have never taken the time to figure out exactly what it is that you’d rather be doing.

There are career assessment tests that you can take that will tell you what type of career that you would be best at. There are some online but you have to be careful. You’re better off going to the library or bookstore and taking one out of a book, so that a website doesn’t try to sell you something or stick Spyware on your computer.

Tip #2 Do Something Else Part Time… You can’t quit your bread and butter job right away, so in the meantime instead of spending your spare time in front of the TV, then get a part time gig doing something else that you think you might like.

There’s even a chance that if you’re saying I want to quit my job, then you may enjoy doing something from home. These days it’s easier than ever to get part-time work from home. Many companies will hire you to do certain tasks from home, and pay you directly to your bank account.

If not that then you can go ahead and find someone off hours that will hire you. For instance if you’ve always thought about the restaurant business, then go ahead and become a waiter or a maître d’ at a restaurant. Learn the business from the inside out.

Whatever your interest there’s no better way to know if you really like it than to truly dig in your heels and go for it.

Tip #3 Start Your Own Business… That’s right. If you’re saying “I hate my job” or “I hate my boss” and thinking I want to quit my job then there’s a good chance that you’re the type of person who is independent and likes the idea of making your own way.

You may have to do a little bit of tip #1 and figure out what it is that you really like, and even maybe do some part-time work with it, but starting your own business can be the best way in the world to get you out of the job that you hate.

Again, there are many businesses that you can start where you can work from home. You can start these types of businesses part-time on the side, until the business has built itself up to a point where it matches or exceeds your current full-time income, and then go full-time.

If you’re saying I hate my job , and want to quit, then it’s up to you to get yourself out of the situation that you’re in. Nobody else will do it for you, and the result will be a lifetime of misery in a job that you hate.

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Are You Ready to Join MLM? – Maybe You Should Think Twice


So you’re looking to join MLM but you’re not sure how to go about it or which company to join right?

You see the one negative about MLM is that it’s extremely easy to get started in. What? Why would that be a downfall?

Well it’s because instead of joining to work and take it seriously, with the intention of actually earning an income, most people join MLM simply to just “give it a shot”…to “try” it. Let’s face it, dropping $35 bucks on a starter kit that many MLM companies offer is nothing, and losing that money doesn’t hurt.

Many people don’t even bat an eye to joining at a higher level that most of the MLM companies offer such as an executive pack for $1,200 or so.

Now you’ll be surprised to hear a 24 year veteran of the MLM industry say this, but there’s a good chance that MLM just might not be right for you. There’s a good chance that you shouldn’t join MLM. Bet you don’t hear that very often from other network marketers out there do ya?

But I like to tell it like it is, and essentially MLM is a business, and therefore should be treated as one. In order to be successful with an MLM business, you have to actually work…at times very hard. You also have to do a few things very right, and that means taking the initiative to learn to do them right.

Most people if you haven’t noticed aren’t willing to do things like work hard and master the skills necessary to succeed in life. Most say they would be, but that’s before their favorite show comes on the television, or their friends call and want to go out.

Another huge quality that you must possess if you’re even thinking about joining MLM is to be committed and dedicated to your business. I actually beg you that if you’re looking to join MLM because you think it’s going to be fast money, get rich quick, and easy then please…do not join.

I’ll tell you right now…most likely you won’t get rich quick. Of course that’s all relative to what your idea of quick is but if you’re starting in January and looking to buy your mansion in March then you’ll likely be sorely disappointed in the results. Like everything else it takes work and dedication (there’s those words again) to get to that point.

You’ll have to put in some real time each and every day. You’ll have to put yourself out there to the world, and not hide behind your computer screen. You’ll have to talk to people about your opportunity, and products. You’ll have to pick up the phone.

Why Am I Not Afraid to Tell You These Things?

Well I’ll tell you, as well as give you a little marketing lesson at the same time. In sales, there’s a saying that you should always “get rid of the tire kickers”.

Obviously this comes from the car sales industry, but basically it means getting rid of the people who really weren’t coming into the car lot to buy a car anyways. They just come in to meander around, look at the new models, and just get some stats.

Now that’s all well and good, but every good car salesman knows that what these people truly are, are time wasters. They will suck away your day, and that’s time that you could have used talking to people who came in with the intention to actually buy.

Well, everything I wrote above was absolutely true. Hard work and dedication is crucial if you want to succeed in MLM. Now as a network marketing mentor, and trainer, it truly is a waste of my time to try and persuade someone who isn’t ready and willing to put in the work that MLM is the right opportunity for them. Because basically it’s not, and honestly if they did join my organization they’re going to be nothing but a pain in the butt, and basically suck up a whole lot of my wife and business partner Ann Feinstein and my time.

Do you see what I mean?

If you’re looking to join MLM then you need to be sure you’re doing it for all the right reasons, and you know what to expect. This is just a shot in the arm of honesty…isn’t it refreshing?

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