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4 Powerful Closing Questions to Grow Your Downline – and Why They Work!

closing_the_dealClosing leads in network marketing is a bit of a combination of science and art. It’s a science because you have to ask the right type of questions to lead the person through a mental process, and steer them progressively toward the close. Break them out of that progression and your chance of closing drops significantly.

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The art aspect comes in how you formulate your questions creatively, without raising red flags that you’re trying to sell something. Once that happens then you once again, scientifically trigger a mental state, whereas the close becomes not likely to happen.

If you’re new to the game, then it’s sort of tough to come up with your own closing questions that will lead you to closing more prospects. Learning these through trial and error can be brutal, and it’s likely that you’ll never stay in the game long enough to get there. That’s why it’s important to duplicate proven closing questions that have worked over and over again for successful professional network marketers.

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How to Make Closing Leads Simple and Easy


As an MLM trainer for decades, one of the things that I’ve seen over and over is distributors who have a hard time closing  leads, once they’ve gotten them in the funnel.

Many people get good at filling the funnel, and getting new prospects, but they drop the ball at the point where the rubber actually meets the road…the CLOSE. That’s what fills your bank account with endless residual income, so it’s in your utmost interest to learn how to do so.

Better yet, once you get this down, and learn to teach your downline to do the same thing, then you’re really going to see your income and lifestyle skyrocket.

How to Close an MLM Prospect

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