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Getting Rid of Mental Blocks for MLM Success

mental_blocksWhen it comes to success in MLM, most people are doomed before they even start. This usually has nothing to do with the industry at all, though the industry will get blamed.

The problem is usually already apparent in the person’s life in the first place. Many times, people who are desperate come to us for mentoring, but we quickly find out why they’re desperate… and very often the thing we have to tell them is that until they get things straight in their own minds, we probably can’t help all that much.

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Why Your Television and Radio May be Killing Your Chance of Success!

You know, if a person is to have any chance of succeeding at anything in this day and age, their best bet is certainly to keep the news stations, newspapers, and news talk stations to a minimum…if not cutting them out all together.

bad_news_vs_success_stories1It’s not hard to understand the reason why right?

It’s all BAD NEWS! One thing after another is bad, bad, and worse. And whether or not you realize it, the affect that this has on your subconscious is astoundingly negative. I mean what else could you possibly expect right? Guess it goes along with the old adage…Garbage in Garbage Out!

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