Making Money from Home – The Key to Getting Someone to Join Your Business Opportunity!


key-to-make-money-from-homeIf part of your goal of making money from home involves having to get people to join your business opportunity, it’s important to know what makes people join you right?

A lot of people never learn this and therefore struggle to see success.

I don’t want you to have that problem…I want success to be easy for you.

How to Get People to Want to Join Your Opportunity, or Buy Your Products…

I’ve seen it a zillion times with people trying to see success with their MLM home business opportunities. They’ll try to get people to join their opportunity by rattling off statistics about how great their company is, and how great their compensation is compared to company XYZ. They’ll even go into how well the stock is doing if their company is a public company.

But they completely miss the boat when they do this and don’t sponsor nearly close to as many people that they could in their business if they’d just focus more on one thing. That one thing is the PROSPECT…and what he/she wants to gain from joining or using the product.

It’s all about the benefits that someone is going to see. It really has very little to do with the specifics of your company, or the product itself. It’s all about what the business opportunity or what the products can do for the prospect.

You see we inherently are wired to think about “what’s in it for me” before we even begin to care about anything else. Sure you products may have every type of vitamin and mineral known to mankind, but I nobody really cares until they know what good those vitamins are going to do for them.

In Agel, all of our products are amazing. I know that they’re amazing, and I know that the ingredients are of the highest quality, from some of the most remote places around the globe.

I also know that the way that they’re suspended in a gel formula is amazingly innovative, and nobody else is doing that. But guess what my prospective customer thinks. He or she thinks “Cool”.

That’s it…COOL. Because that really means nothing to them! And even when I tell them that our Agel Flex is one of the only products successful in correctly combining the four ingredients that actually help joint pain and joint rejuvenation all in one…they still think… “Hmm…cool”.

It’s not until I tell them that after years of struggling with joint pain, not being able to get out of bed in the mornings, not being able to play with their kids or grandkids, or get something off the top shelf in the store that I can help them get rid of that joint pain, and finally enjoy their life like they’re meant to – do their ears actually perk up.

And then when I relay the story of how it worked for my aunt in the Bronx…or that it actually worked for a number of race horses that were actually written off to never race again – and actually went on to WIN high stakes races – do they start to understand the benefits of the product to them.

And I can tell them all of this without them even knowing what the heck the four active ingredients are or how it’s suspended in gel for rapid absorption.

That might mean more now that they know the benefits, but they would have never cared about that until I showed them the personal benefit that it would have on them. In many cases they really don’t care what the heck’s in it, they just want to know that it works.

Of course the same applies to joining your business opportunity. Telling people about your compensation plan and how it goes infinite layers deep means zilch to them. Telling them that the CEO is a genius and built 9 huge downlines in the past means nothing to them.

But when I mention that they can begin to pay off some of their debt that keeps them up at night within a couple of months, and within a couple years be very close to financial freedom with residual monthly income, then their ears again begin to perk up.

Making money from home isn’t as always as simple and easy as people online will try to make it out to be, but it also doesn’t have to be as tough as you make it out to be either.

Spelling out the benefits to prospects is a huge shortcut to success however.

Comment below if you have any stories about how you’ve used stories in the past to interest prospects.


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