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How to Make Closing Leads Simple and Easy


As an MLM trainer for decades, one of the things that I’ve seen over and over is distributors who have a hard time closing  leads, once they’ve gotten them in the funnel.

Many people get good at filling the funnel, and getting new prospects, but they drop the ball at the point where the rubber actually meets the road…the CLOSE. That’s what fills your bank account with endless residual income, so it’s in your utmost interest to learn how to do so.

Better yet, once you get this down, and learn to teach your downline to do the same thing, then you’re really going to see your income and lifestyle skyrocket.

How to Close an MLM Prospect

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3 Rarely Used But Killer Ways to Get Tons of Referrals from your Network Marketing Retail Customers!

If you’re still in the mindset that your retail customers are just a happy side accident to your network marketing business, and you’re treating them like second class citizens compared to your downline distributors, then you really should think about what you’re doing.

Retail Customer ReferralsYou need to appreciate these customers fully and completely, and more than likely the income that they bring you will be a pittance compared to the income that they will bring you.

Most network marketers totally avoid and ignore these customers, never mind not having even the slightest clue how to make these customers some of the most important elements of their business.

I’m going to show you some unique ways of getting these customers to love you so much that they’ll feel guilty not to send people your way…even if they don’t earn a dime for it.

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How Do You Treat Your Network Marketing Retail Customers?


It’s amazing when I think about how many of you network marketers blow off massive opportunities of making tons more money by not paying attention to your retail customers.

This is an insane practice to say the least.

Let just think about how insane it truly is. Let’s assume that your network marketing company is in the health and wellness market as mine is. Therefore we’ll assume that your products then are nutritional supplements

Now let’s flip that and instead of network marketing, you’re now in a brick and mortar health store.

How long do you think your business would last if you were to treat all of your customers who came in and bought some products like crap, just because they didn’t also invest in your business while they were there?

I’m sure you’re wise enough to see that you wouldn’t be in business very long at all.

Let me tell you that you’re in the best business in the world, and here’s why…

You’re in a business where you have two separate ways to make huge amounts of money. But many network marketers totally ignore the retail customers simply because they’ve been misguided to go after the “BIG” money. They’ve been taught that the people who simply buy your products retail are just a residual byproduct of going after downline distributors.

But is this really true? Afterall, would there really be a business if there weren’t great products involved? Nope! It would simply be an illegal ponzi scheme!

And is it really true that retail customers are just a happy accident to running your business?

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