Why Entrepreneurs Love To Start Projects…But Never Finish Them



 I want to admit something to you right here, right now. 

I have Entrepreneurial A.D.D. in a bad, bad, way.

Is this a certified illness? Well, the A.D.D. part (Attention Deficit Disorder) certainly is and yes I have that…and have had it since before there was a name for it.  But I do believe that a ton of great business minds and marketers are afflicted with this condition as well.

Those that don’t have A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. in other parts of their lives very often have it when it comes down to business. 

The symptoms are simple.  You love to start a ton of projects…you love the thrill of researching a project, doing all the little things that it takes to get it going…but then once you’ve done a certain amount of work on that project it then becomes extremely boring. 

And I mean B-O-R-I-N-G. 

Unfortunately though, this is stuff that has to be accomplished to actually be an entrepreneur and have a business. 

I guess you can attribute it to the same emotion that comes with romance and the thrill of the chase.  It’s likely (and I’m no psychologist or anthropologist)…but I assume that it’s probably hard wired into us from the days of being cavemen and hunting.

You had to actually go out and chase your food down before you were going to get to eat, and certainly that had to release an abundance of chemicals into the system, creating an adrenalin rush. 

You see this in the world of romance as well.  How many times do you see a man or woman fight and fight to get a person that they’re attracted to, or rather infatuated with, only to be not so attracted to that person once they’ve gotten them? 

You see it all the time don’t you?

Well, starting a new project is sort of like that thrill of the chase feeling that you get.  You get all amped up and excited, you’ve got all these wonderful thoughts going through your mind, you get everything set up…and then you hit that wall. 

So How Does an Entrepreneur Remedy This Problem?

There are a number of choices…but here are two really good ones.

The first is to get a partner.  What this will do is bring a sense of accountability. Having someone there to expect you to finish your part of something is a very strong motivator.

It’s also a good idea to find a partner who enjoys the flip side of the coin, and doing all of the things that you don’t like to do.  The finisher I guess you can call him or her.

Your other option is to outsource the work.  You can find people to do just about any task on sites like Elance, or Craigslist, and many more sites.  This will cost you $ as opposed to having an equal partner, but you also get all the glory and profit. 

And remember what Cicero said; “The skill to do comes from the doing”




6 thoughts on “Why Entrepreneurs Love To Start Projects…But Never Finish Them

  1. So right on… sometimes I think I too have ADD….love to juggle many different projects at the same time! Great article!

  2. OK DAVID…….. You have me figured out. Now how am I supposed to get a partner to help me when I am getting a divorce? (and buy the way he would not be a good partner)…..do I go to craig list etc???????

    I soooo enjoyed the meeting with your wonderful wife today but I feel stuck. Not about what we talked about today but in all things I start. I am an idea gal. Period, however there was something more today than an idea. I want a new life….totally.

    I hope you and Ann can be my partners together to reach the goal that I have been trying to reach for 10 years now.

    I have never started a project without finishing it. Albeit not the best, however I do finish projects.

    Now my task at hand is starting my new business…..AGEL

    I hope I am successful at this new venture in my NEW life.

    Wish me luck!!!!

    Vicky Byer

  3. Hey Vicky…well, it’s time to get stuff together and I’m sure that being involved with the Agel business can add some great health and business development to your life and of course your pocketbook…it just takes some work effort and commitment…so get yourself started and show Ann that you’re serious about building a business and wanting to “turn things around” for yourself and achieve some success with a great business model!
    Happy Holiday and go check out my newly launched website at: DavidFeinstein
    Best regards…David

  4. Thanks for your kind comment…I hope you’ve been enjoying the articles at the blog site…for the future if you’ve been enjoying the blog articles, you also may find some additional Free information at my new website which was just launched on December 1st…here’s the link to the site: DavidLFeinstein …Enjoy the Holidays…Best regards.>>David

  5. Luck is mixed together with effort, work and commitment…put them together and anything can happen…and don’t forget to toss in a little FAITH + BELIEF and the world is your oyster…now go DO IT!
    Happy Holiday…David

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