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So you probably see this article’s title and think that you’re going to have to sit through an article where I tell you how great it is to be rich. LOL.

Well, actually I’m going to tell you something else much more serving to you than myself. I’m going to tell you what it means to be affluent so that you can actually market and sell to the affluent better.

You see, the funny thing is that many people get paralyzed and stuck when it comes to trying to market to or sell to someone who’s more financially successful than themselves. There’s a mental block that goes up that says: “Why in the world would this person listen to me at all?”

It’s an understandable concern but the fact is… affluent people are more than glad to listen to what you have to say – and even buy from you – as long as they know that you know what you’re talking about, and as long as you treat them with the respect that they feel they deserve. 

As a person that some would call affluent, the fact is that I take advice and buy products all the time from people who have much less money than me. 

The fact is, I don’t ask to see someone’s bank account before I decide if they have a good idea or not. 

Here’s just one of the many instances as an example of where some of the confusion may come from…

Very often you hear people say that you shouldn’t take financial advice from a guy that’s not rich.  But is this really true, and do the affluent really rely on this as an indicator of whether they should listen to someone?

Absolutely not!

You see, there is story, after story, after story, where a financial whiz who knows just about everything there is to know about investing and money management actually lives a meager lifestyle, drives a Ford Focus, and basically doesn’t even invest himself. 

I don’t agree that that’s a good position to be in, but the fact that if I, or any other person of influence here’s that the decisions he’s made has helped someone else, or that he’s a very trustful and reliable resource and has respect…that there will be no hesitation to work with this person because of his financial status.

How about when a person of affluence goes to buy a car? The chances are that the car salesmen does not make nearly as much as the person buying the brand new shiny Jaguar, but that doesn’t mean that the Jaguar won’t get bought. 

If the salesperson knows about his product, knows how to treat the prospect or client, and basically shows respect…then there’s no reason why that sell won’t get made.

The fact is that an affluent person is not superhuman.  They’re human beings just like you are. They took their skill and perhaps made more money with that skill than you did with yours.  Or not!  Maybe they inherited this money.

Either way, there’s nothing that says that you shouldn’t or can’t go after the affluent buyers that are filling up the stores and websites in this world as we speak.  These people are after only a couple of things…

Someone who knows what they’re doing, someone they can TRUST, and someone who shows them the respect that they feel they deserve.

Hmmm… just like anyone else I guess.

I love this quote: “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to meet it.”

David Feinstein

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