Self Discipline: Creating Unshakable and Envious Self-Discipline for Network Marketing Success

Slef DisciplineOn this blog we try to talk about as many elements that have the potential to make you as successful as we possibly can. We like to… and feel it’s our job… to put as many weapons for success in your arsenal that we can. But perhaps the biggest weapon that you can possibly have in your endeavor to success, no matter what that is, is self discipline.

In life, much to the contrary of what most people believe, there aren’t many special qualities that you need to possess to be successful in life. You don’t have to be all that smart, there are plenty of dumb rich people – as well as smart poor people in the world.

You don’t need to have a ton of degrees or huge education…hence a couple of the richest men in the world being college dropouts. And you don’t have to be great looking, or even talented… even though I do feel like I’m both 🙂 !

What you do need, and nearly each and every successful person that you’ve ever seen has it…is self discipline! If you can create self discipline that cannot be shaken…in other words, you do what needs to be done each and every day no matter what…then you’re very likely to see a tremendous amount of success in this world.

So that’s it in a nutshell. Self-discipline is simply doing the things on a consistent basis that must be done in order to achieve a goal. Whether it’s a swimmer swimming laps each and everyday, a bodybuilder lifting weights everyday, or a salesman making calls each and every single day, self discipline always plays the biggest role in success over everything else.

There are a few ways that people drop the ball when it comes to self discipline for network marketing success. One of those is the “shiny object” affect. You see there are a simple few elements and strategies that must be employed for success in network marketing.

These are the things that should be done everyday, and if they are, you’ll most likely see your business grow. They’re actually not that hard. But what happens is that a network marketer will see a marketing technique being touted online or in an industry magazine, and switch gears. They’ll abandon the road that they were previously on, which would have eventually led them to success… and they’ll move on to the new technique (the shiny new object).

Then the next shiny object comes around and they’ll abandon the technique they just learned for this new one. There’s no self-discipline there. It’s much like in karate. There are only a handful of karate moves, but the guy who excels and gets the highest degree of belt is the guy who practices those moves over and over, and masters them. That is true self discipline and it works the same way in network marketing.

The other big killer in network marketing, as related to self discipline, is when someone won’t do what needs to be done simply because it’s not easy, fun, or if it takes them out of their comfort zone. They don’t have enough self-discipline to do a thing, or carry out a task that needs to be done despite of the work involved, whether that means mental or physical work.

Those who succeed in this business will endure that little bit of pain, and do the simple little steps regardless. And before they know it, first of all that thing is actually not painful anymore, and actually become easy and quite enjoyable. Second of all…they’re seeing the success that they knew was there if they’d just do what’s necessary.

If you’re not seeing success, then it’s likely because you don’t have the self discipline that you need to succeed. If that’s the case then maybe it’s your upline not showing you exactly what you need to be doing, and not holding you accountable. We hold our organization accountable for what they must do, and that’s why we’ve helped thousands see success. We show them how important self discipline is and how to carry it out.

If you want see if we could help you with your self-discipline, and help you actually see the success in network marketing that you’ve been promised for all of these years, then click here now!


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