Self-Discipline and Habits: The Foundations of Your Success.

Life is a continuous journey of cycles and events. When we’re on our way to achieving success things can easily get away from us. And quickly!
How many times have you found yourself sitting there, knowing that you have a bunch of stuff that you need to do, but not having a clue what?

I’ll tell you right now who this happens to and you may not like it, but I’m a straight shooter. This happens to the people who have no discipline and have not developed the habits in their life in order to get the things that need to get done…done.

When you are able to prioritize things and delay your gratification…which means doing the things that need done, before doing the things that are fun to do, you’ve began the process of building self-discipline.

The key to carrying out self-discipline are habits. You must get into the habit of doing the tasks that get you closer to a successful life every single day like clockwork. When this happens great things begin to happen in what seems a very short period of time. This is because your discipline is having an accumulative effect, and each task, each day, builds onto the next…and eventually you end up one day as having a successful life.

Those people who don’t take the time to build self-discipline and good habits are the people that you see in life who flounder along. They’re the people who always jump from one next great thing to the other, because they don’t have the discipline to stick with one thing long enough to see it through to fruition.

You must have a goal, or better yet, a plan, and you must do the things each and every day to reach that goal to the end. If not, then instead of going from A to Z with your goal, you’ll get stuck somewhere in the middle…perhaps at around P or worse H, and start something over again.
What happens then?

That’s right; you have to start again at A! If you’re always starting at A, and never making your way to Z… that is a life begging for failure. What’s it take to get from A to Z?
You guess it. It takes discipline, and the habits to carry out that discipline.

Your life is a series of events and tasks. Letting the events go by, without performing the needed tasks is the quickest way there is to flounder around through life never getting anywhere.

Take the time to develop your self-discipline and good habits and you’ll very soon find yourself at that coveted Z, with a goal that’s been reached, and another success under your belt.


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