Why Persistence Is So Important to Your Home Based Business Success…


If you’ve been trying to succeed with your own home based business for a while, then you’ve probably had quite a few times where you’ve felt like throwing in the towel and quitting simply because things weren’t working out for you right?

If you have felt that way, and you didn’t throw in the towel – and you’re still fighting then congratulations because you’ve demonstrated the trait that will likely be your best friend on this journey to home based business success.

That trait
is PERSISTENCE. Persistence is one of the most vital traits a person can have if they have any hope or chance of succeeding, especially a home business that’s as controversial and as in depth as network marketing is.

The Granddaddy of all success, the great Napoleon Hill had this to say about Persistence

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success

He even dedicated an entire chapter on it in his book “Think and Grow Rich”.

 Now if persistence was so important back in the day of Napoleon Hill for business success in general, then it’s probably doubly as important today when it comes to home based businesses.

Here’s why…

When you decide to take the leap of faith and
begin a home based business you’re going to have to contend with a lot of doubt.

of all there will be your own self-doubt. This will be the earliest and the hardest to overcome because it will carry on through until you create success. You have to learn to squash that little voice of doubt as fast as possible each and everytime. But if that isn’t hard enough then you’ve got…

the doubting of your family and friends! I don’t really know why people can’t just support something that somebody sets out to do as long as it’s safe, but for some reason they can’t.

For some reason as soon as someone says
they’re starting or they’ve started a home based business , everyone becomes a critic and begins to deliver their opinions in rapid fire, telling you how much it won’t work, and how stupid you are for falling for that old scam.

Persistence will get you thru those people. But they will be the cause of your own self doubt creeping back up as well. Learn how to smile politely and pass these people off as insignificant to your dreams, and squash the self doubt that creeps up as quickly as possible and it will get easier and easier.

success will begin to make you wonder where the heck it’s hiding
. But there is story after story of people who strike it big right after they were about to quit! There are probably infinitely more who did quit right before success was upon them that we never here about.

I suggest you read “Acre’s of Diamond’s” each and everytime you feel like quitting. And then if you still feel like quitting, just keep going anyway.  Eventually persistence will trump doubt and then you can pay back and support someone else who is trying to see success with a home based business opportunity.

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