Writing Great Subject Lines for Your Emails Sent to Network Marketing Prospects

network marketingYou’ve probably heard over and over again that the money is in the list. Well that statement is about as true as it gets, especially for your

network marketing


But the thing is that list you need is a constant and consistently growing list of

network marketing

prospects being funneled through your system.

It’s not enough just have a list though. You have to get them to open the email that you send them about your

network marketing

home business so that they’ll be more apt to join your business with you because you’re providing them tons of valuable content and training.

So How Do You Get More Network Marketing Business Opportunity Prospects to Open Your Emails…

There’s a bit of an art to email marketing. And of course the most important part of any email to your prospects is easily the subject line. The simple reason being that if they don’t open the email, then they’re never going to see what’s inside are they? So then you have to make sure that you’re writing compelling subject lines that get them to open.

The first thing that your subject line must do is create curiosity. Curiosity will get your prospects to open the emails simply because humans have as much of a hard time, if not a harder time with curiosity as a cat does.

If you use curiosity correctly in your

network marketing

emails your prospects will be tortured if they don’t open your emails.

The important part of that though is that you don’t mislead them with your subject line. If you’re generating curiosity then you better make good on that notion in the body of the email and create climactic closing for your prospects. In other words you better answer any opened questions, and email better be relevant to the subject line. So your emails should be about the

network marketing

home business if that’s what your subject line is alluding to. If you try to elude your readers they’ll quickly opt off of your list, or simply ignore them forever.

Using benefits in your subject lines is equally important. Benefits talk about the feeling and emotion that the person is going to receive when they read your email. This is different than a feature where you tell them specifics about something. In other words “get this 35 page report on how to lose weight” isn’t as powerful as “how to lose weight and feel great by the beginning of summer, free ebook inside” will do much better…although that’s a bit long. Which brings me to the next point which is…

Keep your subject line rather short so that it’s not cut off by most of the email systems. Usually under 60 characters is safe but the shorter the better. If your subject line is cut off, make sure that it’s a planned cut off that will garner more curiosity from your prospect.

So a calculated cut off point may actually work in your favor, so be very careful with that or else even the best subject line in the world can be made completely null and ineffective.


network marketing

business depends on the fact that you always have new prospects coming through your system so that you’re constantly introducing new people into your business. Email marketing is a great way to utilize that!


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