Winning Over Competition Ethically and With Integrity


There seems to be a common myth flying around that says that competition in business has to be won only by using “cut-throat” tactics.

I guess it’s pretty clear where we get this notion in days where good ole’ Bernie Madoff types are the norm, when politics is nothing more than a bashing festival rather than an intelligent debate about the issues. (I guess that’s a bit impossible when the candidates don’t even know the issues though)…

We used to be able to look to sports for a positive model on winning over competition…but when sports teams start secretly video taping other teams practices, stealing playbooks, and taking money to throw games rather than actually just work hard to win them, how we can look that way either.

The business world is not a place for the faint of heart. It’s tough. They used to describe business as a “man’s world”, but these days the women can make the men look like sissies.

So, yes I will concede that it is a dog-eat-dog, cut-throat world that we live in. But the question at hand is can you win with integrity and stay ethical and in line with your values.

The answer to that is yes, most definitely.

The truth is that for all of the stories that you see and hear where foul play and underhanded tactics are being used, there are millions more success stories where people actually did get there through ethical means, clever strategy (that didn’t hurt anyone), win-win negotiations, and honest to goodness hard-work.

Sure, it’s a lot tougher to find these stories, but we all know what kind of news travels the fastest don’t we?

Let’s take my industry for example.

MLM or Network Marketing, whatever you prefer to call it, has gotten a bad rap over the years. Why? Well, because a few unscrupulous companies and a few unethical distributors decided that they wanted to take a business model that is amazing, and try to game it in their favor.

But what about all the millions of other network marketers who play by the rules, who have succeeded profoundly, and take their knowledge and show other people to do the same…making the world a better place in my opinion? Why do you so rarely hear about these people?

Well again, we know what type of news travels fastest don’t we?

To win over your competition doesn’t mean that you have to leave them bloodied and beaten. It doesn’t mean that you have to throw you competition under the bus or taint their name just to get ahead.

All that it takes is set a high goal that you want to achieve, and instead of stepping on people’s heads all the way up figure out ways where on your way up you’re leaving a trail of ethical behavior that result in people following your lead.

This initiates you as the leader in the field by default, and nobody got hurt…they just learned a valuable lesson to carry on!

I hope you enjoy this and get lots of great ideas…Please leave your comments as I’m
always interested in what you thought of the blog and I love hearing from you.

And remember what Cicero said;
“The skill to do comes from the doing”


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