Why Your Television and Radio May be Killing Your Chance of Success!


You know, if a person is to have any chance of succeeding at anything in this day and age, their best bet is certainly to keep the news stations, newspapers, and news talk stations to a minimum…if not cutting them out all together.

bad_news_vs_success_stories1It’s not hard to understand the reason why right?

It’s all BAD NEWS! One thing after another is bad, bad, and worse. And whether or not you realize it, the affect that this has on your subconscious is astoundingly negative. I mean what else could you possibly expect right? Guess it goes along with the old adage…Garbage in Garbage Out!

Unfortunately bad news is a great money maker for these media outlets, and of course they’re going to do whatever it takes to make their money. But that doesn’t mean that you have to listen to it. You see there are these amazing little button on your television and radio that allow you to actually turn the channel, or turn the darn thing off. You should be utilizing this button.

But before you do, you should take a week to keep track of all the bad news that you…by habit…hear and listen to every single day. Nothing fancy just take a mental note when you hear something and you’ll realize that you’ve probably been listening to it, or watching it without even noticing. It’s just on! But even then, it’s getting into your subconscious and wreaking havoc.

So what’s the alternative? Well believe it or not, positive news is out there. It may be a little harder to find, but it’s out there.

In fact, you’ll probably have to actually actively seek it out by going to your local library, to the bookstore, or physically going to the movie rental store, (or logging onto Netflix) and finding inspiring positive movies, and not just relying on what the cable channel is giving you (unless it’s Dirty Dancing because well, who can resist even if it is the 100th time you’ve seen it?)…

Your best bet is to find biographies and success stories of others who have championed in life and actually broken through the obstacles and barriers that were supposed to keep them down.

These stories are where you’ll get the greatest lessons in life. Because let’s face it, every single day the world is throwing barriers in front of you. Every day obstacles WILL appear in front of you trying to block the goals that you’re trying to achieve. It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

In fact the nice thing about it is that most people will simply stop dead-in-their-tracks at the first obstacle, and let it ruin their chances of any future success. But each and every time you don’t let an obstacle stop you, you get wayyyyy closer to your goal than you think! And the competition thins out significantly, leaving those who let even the slightest cross breeze stop them.

Other people’s success stories are what can and will help you prepare to get through these challenges and obstacles. Learning through others mistakes, as well as their solutions is the best way ever to achieve goals.

Just knowing that others went ahead and did it will inspire you to know that you can too.

Success stories give us a reference point into our own abilities as humans. Of course there’s no alternative to taking action, but when we learn from those ahead of us, we then are motivated to take action and push forward.

It’s up to you whether you want to sit around watching other peoples misfortunes, or whether you’d rather instead learn how some people went ahead to create their fortunes, and follow in their footsteps.


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