What the other Network Marketing guys are not telling YOU

Many prospects are skeptical about

network marketing

and it is ok to have reserved thoughts. Many businesses leave out a lot of information. This is a pressure tactic to help recruit new members for their business. Whatever happened to transparency? Sometimes it can feel like a dying art, but it should not stop you from finding a good opportunity. Is the misinformation tactic important for business success? The answers to this question is no, being honest with prospects can mean a better level of respect in the end. The high-pressure tactics can seem to be unethical, but this depends on whom you talk to.

network marketing

What is the Bigger Picture?

Network marketing

is not always fun and games. It may not always be luxurious and inviting. What are the other guys telling you? They may tell you the game is huge and success is only a click away. They are not telling you that the game takes hard work, specialized skills, patience and investment of time and resources. Look at the bigger picture before you agree to sign up to a program. The bigger picture will let you see all the details. You do not want to find hidden surprises that happen to pop in some of the popular trending business opportunities today. Get down, dirty, and ask serious questions about the business. Grill the recruiter as merciless as possible, they should know their stuff and have an honest interest in helping you be successful.

Avoid the “Secret handshake”

The secret handshake is a tactic used to get your information from you by getting you to sign up before you get access to generic material. In some cases, the information that you want is actually gold and is worth the exchange. Investigate the site thoroughly before sending your information to the recruiter. You should have access to a blog, about us page, frequently asked questions, some videos, articles and possible PowerPoints that talks a bit about their opportunity and life stories. The content should be informative to your problems and offer solid advice to help you overcome it. It should never be incomplete or have access further information here by signing up.

Walk away or Stay
If the

network marketing

site does not full fill any of the criteria above, you should leave the site. If the site does meet some of the criteria and you have further questions, go ahead and submit an email. You can judge from the response on how to proceed. The choice is ultimately yours; hope this has helped you gauge the good people from the bad ones better.


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