What’s More Important Than Taking Action – This Day in the Life Account of Nearly Every Network Marketer Will Show You!

Network MarketingHave you ever wondered why you haven’t seen the success that you have set out for with your

network marketing

home business?

Are you often left at the end of the month scratching your head wondering what it is that you’re doing wrong when it comes to success…because you’re not actually seeing any!

Well if you are, I can almost guarantee you that I know what you’re #1 biggest problem is. How could I be so sure? Because after over 2 decades in this business, I’ve seen the same thing over and over again so many times it would make your head spin.

So what’s your problem? It’s very likely that you’re not taking enough ACTION to truly see the results that you actually want to see. If you feel like you are taking action then very likely you’re not taking the right type of action. And you’re probably not taking as much of it as you think you are anyway.

Let me just say this… YOU’RE NOT ALONE! Not by a long shot. Most people don’t take action at all. In fact the only action most people take is a) complaining about their lack of success and b) looking for the next get rich quick scheme.

These are often the same people who leave our wonderful industry and badmouth it like crazy, spreading ill will for our well being. I’m not whining here but it needs to be said that these are the exact people who actually make it more difficult for you and I. But that’s fine I like a challenge!

Why You Feel Like You’re Running In Place with Your

Network Marketing


“A Day in the Life of a “Busy” Network Marketer”

Unfortunately there are a huge number of people out there with tremendous intentions, who think they’re taking action, yet aren’t really doing anything to grow their business. These are the people who are busy, busy, busy…doing nothing. Are you one of these people?

Here’s what happens…


You’ve got 2 to 3 hours at night to run and build your business after work. So all day at work you’re sitting their thinking about how you can’t wait to get out of work, get to your home computer and start working on your business… so that next year at this time you won’t have to be sitting here like this…ticked off at the boss.

So you get home, kiss the spouse and the kids, pet the dog, grab a beverage and go sit at the computer. You’ve got 2 hours and you’re going to make it count right?

As soon as you sit down you log onto your computer. Once your computer loads up you check your email. Whoa wait I’ve got to answer this email from my old college buddy you say. Ooh someone responded to my ad on Craigslist for the dining room table we’re dying to get rid of. Darn it, they need a picture in another format. Ok I’ll just do this really quick…

So before you know it 30 minutes down the drain…. Okay an hour and a half, let’s make this count.

You log out of the email, and log into the back office of your MLM opportunity. Gotta look at that downline tree again tonight even though I know I saw it last night… and I actually really didn’t do anything to sign anyone else up. But let me just take a quick look anyways in case…

Nothing! Well makes sense because I haven’t even talked to anyone! Heck where are my sample packets even for when I do talk to people? Hmmm great idea let me find those…

Uh hem… Another 30 minutes down the tube because along with your sample packets you needed to find your business cards, and those brochures. They’re all nice and stacked up on the desk now. Perfect! Ready for action tomorrow with those babies!

1 hour left and then gotta hit the sack. Have a big meeting tomorrow morning. Let’s make it count!

So what to do? Well I have those leads that I bought a month ago; they might still be looking for an opportunity. What should I say to them? Hmmm, I had a script here somewhere that I bought from Dough Firebaugh, let me find that!! Ok found it now let me just read through this and get it down pat! Shoot only 40 minutes left to call people.

Which one of these people should I call? This sounds like a nice name. Wait it’s 9:20 where does she live? Oh wait she’s here on the East Coast too. Let me find someone from the West Coast. Great! Found one… Let me dial him up. No answer! Ugh…it must be dinner time there right now. Never mind, tomorrow I’ll start with this so it’s early enough.

YAWN…. You know what it was a tough day…let me just check out the back-office again and then call it a night. I think “The Office” is on right now.


So… sound familiar? 2 hours down the tube and quickly right? But you certainly were BUSY checking email, getting samples and marketing material ready to hand out, and calling that 1 lead. Whew!

Here’s the deal. You’re not doing anything what-so-ever to build your business. Nothing that counts anyways! You’ve got no priorities and no schedule and that will cost you years and years of frustration if you don’t change.

Sure taking action is hugely important…but what’s more important is that you take the right type of action. That means the type of ACTION that makes you money and gives you results. This means instead of finding your packets that you start off by handing them out.

Instead of checking the back-office… forget about it until you’re signing someone up back their. And emails… if you’re emailing someone it better be your list of prospects about your opportunity!

What to Do As Soon as You’re Done Reading This…

You MUST get on the phone with your most successful upline member, and ask them what the most important activities are that you can do in your short amount of time of 2 hours a night (this actually is plenty of time to create a thriving business). Ask them to help you lay out a plan to get the most done in your available time. Once you have that

network marketing

plan follow it to a tee, and let absolutely NOTHING allow you to deviate from that plan. I can almost guarantee you that you’ll start seeing results much sooner than later!


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