The Quickest Way to Amp Up Your Network Marketing Business Without Spending a Dime!

Network marketing businessHave you hit a plateau with your network marketing business, or are simply looking for ways to amp up your

network marketing business?

In my 25 years, I see and get questions from so many people asking me either how I’ve grown such a successful business with a huge global reach (which is a good question to ask by the way)…or they ask how can they get out of a growth slump and get their business cranking again.

Many have tried all sorts of different marketing techniques. Some have spent tons of money on the flavor of the month course that usually end up failing… or they don’t stick around long enough for it to work until they jump onto the next great thing.

Regardless, there is one solution to growing your

network marketing business

that can not only be great immediately, but also will help your business greatly for the long haul.

So what is this quick way? Very simple…

Training and Motivating Your Downline Is One of the Fastest Ways to Amp Your Business Up…and Keep It Pumping!

Let’s think about this for a minute. You see most people forget about why they joined your

network marketing business

in the first place. They forget that the appeal was likely because of the passive residual income, which is possible only because of the LEVERAGE of their downline.

So then, why on earth would you ignore your downline and let them fend for themselves? Why would you not do everything that you can do to train them using an automated and duplicable system and motivating them to get out there and use it? Ignoring this would be like opening a McDonald’s on the corner of Main Street, and just having all of your employees standing around while you’re doing all of the work. Would you ever do that?

No but so many people do exactly that with network marketing and it’s exactly the same thing, and it has the exact same effect on your network marketing business.

Ways to Train and Motivate Your Downline…

Of course just telling you to train and motivate your downline would be useless without giving you some immediate ways to do that. Here are a few effective ways that we’ve found for getting our downline rockin’ and rollin’!

Give Them a System to Use!… Providing your downline with a system to effectively recruit new business partners and/or gain new customers that they can jump right into is the greatest thing that you can do for your network marketing business.
Of course that requires that you have a system put together that they can duplicate.

If not, the other option is to go upline until you find someone who has a system that you can start implementing and start handing down to your downline.

Why would they share it with you? For the same reason that you’d share it with your downline of course…because it benefits THEM as well when you’re doing good.

Motivate Them With Email… You’re making a huge mistake if you’re not using an auto-responder system and plugging your downline’s information into that system.

Doing this gives you an easy way to shoot out motivating emails, and keep them current on new things that’s working to grow business. This way when you come up on something that works like gang busters…even if it’s an email subject line that’s working for your prospects…then they can all use that and you’ll likely get a nice bump in your business almost immediately.

Get Fancy with Webinars… One of the things that we do, along with the things already mentioned is to have training webinars. These webinars are usually quite packed and we’ve noticed a trend with those that continuously attend the webinars are usually our best performers.

We add entertainment/education/motivation all in one. We include success stories and then have those who are performing well in our organization and other friends come and give tips on how to grow business.

So there you go, if you’re not taking the time to train and motivate your employees at McDonald’s then you’re not selling any hamburgers.

Well the same goes for network marketing. If you’re not taking the time to train your downline then you’re hanging your business out there to dry!


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