The 3 Levels of Self Value

What is your Self-Value? Do you know? Do you have a clue?
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Though they do go a hand-in-hand in many ways, and though one gives a clue to the other, Self-Esteem and Self-Value are actually two different things and should not be confused.
Self-Esteem has more to do with your feelings of yourself and how much pride you have in yourself.
Self Value however has more to do with what your value is to not only yourself but in other areas as well. There are actually three main levels that you should concern yourself with when it comes to self value and I’m going to cover them now.

The First Level of Self-Value is just that…how valuable you are to yourself. This is the level in which self-esteem actually plays the biggest part. This level covers how you think of yourself in regards to your own ideals. How you meet up to those ideals and principals.

It regards how you live up to your own expectation of life. Do you conduct your life, and treat yourself in the same manner of respect that you require other people to treat you? This can become a cycle in a way, because your perception of your self-value and self-worth determines how you actually expect people to treat you and respect.
In other words if you don’t feel that you have a high self-value or self-worth, then you’re not going to expect other people…or hold other people to treating you as if you do. So it’s important that we give ourselves a fair valuation and not sell our selves short, but just as well not try to fool ourselves so much that we don’t aim for improvement.

The Second Level of Self-Value is your actual value to others. This is how others see you and perceive you in their eyes. The way to raise the bar on this level is by service to others.
Now some people hear this word “service” and run the other way because they feel as though “serve” means to bow down to and/or essentially become dependent upon or answer to someone. This is far from the case.
You see, the only way that you can actually build any sort of value for yourself is by actually serving people and showing people first that you are valuable. You see this in every area of your life. Let’s say you own a business. Well, in order to attract business you have to prove to people that you are worthy of their business. If people are going to pay you for your service, they want to know that what they are paying for is worth it.

If you show them that this is true then they will not only be happy with your service and not ask for a refund, but they’ll also show their appreciation in continuing to do business with you, plus spread the word that you’re worthy of doing business with.
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In order for this to happen you have to perform your service extremely well and create value. You also need to maintain that value by constantly and consistently performing the same service.
Let’s take my business network marketing for instance. In network marketing you’re essentially wealth coach…someone who teaches people how to grow their business to new heights. My job is to bring people into the business, and teach them how I grow my business. Well, in order for that to happen, people need to see that I’m able to teach them exactly that. How to grow their business in leaps and bounds!

My wife and I have actually done this thousands of times over, and now have a massive self-value because of it. People want to work with us because they see that we have value. That’s why it’s very important to build your self-value up extremely high.
If you do this then you’ll never be in want of money.

The Third Stage of Self-Value is value to the world. Many people don’t ever consider this stage but frankly it’s the most important of all. You see, this doesn’t have to be monetary at all. Your value to the world can be determined on very simple things. Your service to others, how you treat people, your attitude toward people, how you motivate others, how you help others build their own self-esteem and self-value, how you give back to the community, etc.

It’s you, making the world an overall better place. This is self-value that you can feel directly every single day.
All of these stages are completely essential and make up the triangle of self-value. What you should be doing now is everything in your power to continually and consistently build yours. As you do this, your wealth will follow and work its self out.


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