Social Media for Network Marketing – Spreading Your Network Marketing with Relentless Word Of Mouth!

Social Media and Word of MouthSo network marketing is supposed to be a word-of-mouth business right? I mean you’ve probably been sent messages like that over and over again.

“You talk to your friends, they talk to their friends, and it spreads like wild fire through word of mouth”… c’mon you’ve heard it.

Well, in essence it’s true – that is sort of how things work with this business model, but I still get a kick out of all the marketing messages that go around. See that’s me…I’m the MLM Whisperer…but I’m also the guy with a great sense of humor who can laugh at myself and my industry.

In fact I think it would be great to make a movie about network marketers. Sort of like a Reno 911.

Ok now onto the point.

One of the best ways to spread your message about your opportunity is to use social media for network marketing. That’s right, these days it’s easier than ever to spread a message through word of mouth.

Have you seen that commercial where the little girl loses her dog, and the teenage/college kid starts texting all of his friends the picture of the dog, and by the time the girl gets home from putting signs on telephone poles the dog is there on the porch waiting for her.

Well using social media for network marketing can work in just about the same way. A message truly can spread like wild fire, and thousands of people can see it within an hour, possibly even minutes.

Social media has become the new loudest voice in the world.

Sites like Twitter and Facebook are constantly reeling with messages being spread about. MySpace has maybe fallen a little by the wayside, but it can still be a great place for spreading messages for network marketing as well.

There are plenty of others. Thousands in fact, it’s up to you to find the ones that work the best and utilize them to their fullest extent.

Now the important part here is that you use them correctly.

I think I can speak for most people when I say that everyone is getting a little bit tired of all the annoying spam that they get inundated with. That very well may be the reason that Facebook has outdone MySpace in fact. MySpace was littered with spam because it was so darned easy to get around. It’s not so easy with Facebook…but of course people do it still.

The point is that if you’re using social sites for network marketing you don’t want to tick people off. In fact you want to do exactly the opposite. You want to attract them. You want to make them like you. You want to be both informative (with useful information) as well as a bit entertaining. Not clown-like entertaining but entertaining in a subtle sort of way. (Nobody likes to be a clown…just ask Joe Pesci in Goodfella’s – “What am I like a clown to you?”)

But if and when done correctly, you can take your network marketing to new levels and garner a ton of leads and prospects with just one good message.

If you’re wondering about other ways to spread your message “like wild-fire” LOL through relentless word of mouth exposure for network marketing then click here now!

I’ll show you the right way to go about it…so you’re not a clown!


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