Social Media for Network Marketing – How to Get Your Network Marketing Messages to All the Corners of the Earth…Virtually for FREE!

network marketingSo then you’ve heard that

network marketing

is meant to be a “word of mouth” type of business model haven’t you? You’ve probably heard it more times than you care to admit in fact. Maybe you’ve even said it when trying to get someone to join up with you.

You know the drill. You’ll talk to your friends; they’ll talk to their friends, and so on and so forth. It’s spread like mad across the universe all from word of mouth…sort of like a virus.

Alright, enough being funny. Actually the funny part is that it’s how the business is run, or should be run. And with social media for

network marketing

it’s easier now than ever before to make this happen.

It’s certainly one of the greatest ways ever available to spread the message regarding your opportunity around. It truly is word of mouth, only through cyberspace. And it can travel amazingly fast.

One of my favorite new commercials is the one with the little girl who loses her dog. A teenager sees her hanging a sign about the dog, and decides to shoot out a text and photo of the dog through his cell phone to all his friends.

Well by the time the little girl gets done hanging up her signs and walking home, the dog is waiting there on her porch with the teenager. Of course this is a commercial for cell phones, but it just shows how fast a message can spread through social media. For network marketing it works incredibly well, but only if done right.

Social media is now the voice on the mountain top. If Paul Revere had social media he would have saved a ton of work and running around I suppose.

Sites such as Facebook and Twitter are always buzzing with real time messages being spread like wild fire. Even Myspace, which isn’t the powerhouse that it once was, can still be put to great use using social media for

network marketing,

or any other network marketing in fact.

There are many others. Actually thousands if you take the time to find the ones that work best for you and actually use them to their full capabilities.

Of course we’re all getting a little miffed at all the spammers that social media has brought as well, that’s an important note to bring to your attention. In fact, I’m fairly sure that this is the reason that Myspace has gone by the wayside, and Facebook has pretty much taken the reigns. But it’s only a matter of time before that gets screwed up too.

Here’s the point though. If you’re going to use social media for

network marketing

then you certainly don’t want to go making people mad at you…or should I say more like disgusted by you.

What you do want is to actually attract them to you. You want make people like you by being entertaining, while at the same time providing value and education. You don’t want to be a clown that nobody likes to be around though.

The thing is that when using social media for

network marketing

correctly, you can quickly gain a huge following of friends, fans, and ultimately business partners very quickly. One effective message can get you tons and tons of leads and very strong and targeted prospects for your business.


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