Social Engineering Theory for Network Marketing

People want success in their lives; they use this to measure their worth in society and within their own worlds. In order to drive home the type of network marketing success that they desire, they may learn some social engineering concepts by the leading Mlm flavors of the month. Sadly, these sound bites are not the whole shepherd’s pie but pieces of information that is intended to lead them astray. This is an effective tactic for the pros, but in the end, it hurts their bottom line if they are fishing in the wrong waters. Social engineering can work, providing that the individual be prepared to handle the long hours of experimentation and failures that come along this route. A quick definition of social engineering, “to get a person to act the way that you want without being forceful or deceitful.”

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The Realm of Online Society and Social Engineers
Network marketing is the perfect example of a social engineer for the most part. The way that the marketers design, campaigns to the distribution of content to the online world are the core bricks in how businesses tend to interface with the world. Before we jump into the persona of social engineers, we must examine what is an online society is in its basic form. Can the online world be considered a separate civilization than the one that we reside in? An online society is meeting of people in central location, such as a forum, chat room, video conference, gaming website etc.

Is the online world a separate civilization from the one that we live in physically? The answer is yes, many people have virtual lives that are separate from their personalities. Some duplicate or replicate their existing lives online. This online civilization is a different culture and reality than the one off the computer. The only differences is that the avatars are not actual living organisms and require no food or sleep. The online culture affects our way of how we conduct business, many of us may have a better reputation online than offline and so we want to put the best foot forward. Everyone is a kind of social engineer; we want recognition and success from our actions, rather business or for personal gain.

Primitive Business Social Engineering thoughts
As we create our network marketing world, we have to focus on creating a means to attract likeminded prospects. This is social engineering for businesses in its basic form, consider it marketing but without the personality. We will create buttons to landing pages that offers enriching text or videos for our prospective visitor. In a way, we are trying to create a relationship built upon knowledge, but it takes trust before the relationship can even launch. Therefore, we create stellar content that offers info bytes about our world. We tie in the social engineering with lines like buy now to subscribe to our newsletter. Thanks for reading the introductory article on social engineering. If you would like to read more, please visit my blog and subscribe to my newsletter for specific advice.

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