Should you Market Your Opportunity or Yourself?


Should I Market My Opportunity or Myself?

Should I Market My Opportunity or Myself?

Of course if you’re a network marketer and you’ve spent any amount of time online, trying to learn how to do this stuff better, then you’ve probably been hearing over and over again that you shouldn’t be promoting your opportunity, but you should be promoting yourself.

Unfortunately some people have taken that a little bit too far in the way that they’ve actually implemented this advice.

The truth is that people, your prospects really don’t give a darn about YOU at all. They don’t care who you are. And if you think about it, why would they?

But everyday, some new network marketer takes the advice of marketing YOU way out of proportion, and builds websites and pamphlets, etc. all about themselves and how great they are.

What prospects care about most is themselves, plain and simple…

And the only way that they’re going to care about who YOU are is if you can go out there and show them that YOU can help them get what they want. Then, and only then do you become interesting at all.

But does that mean that it’s you and only you that can help them succeed. Not by a long shot. Sure, you may have some very special knowledge about the network marketing industry, and have lots of experience like Ann and I do. But what good does that do anybody if you’re not giving them a vehicle to succeed in network marketing.

What is that vehicle? That vehicle is your opportunity.

You see, you do have to sell yourself, and the fact that you can help your prospects see success. You need to be likable, be seen as an authority, and overall be seen as someone who cares about your prospect and where their future lies.

You also have to show your prospect that your business opportunity that you’re expecting them to invest both time and money in is not just worth that time and money, but WELL WORTH IT!

One thing to be weary of when you hear this by the way.

There’s a huge fad online when it comes to network marketing and MLM called “the funded proposal”. Basically this is the way to sell yourself as an expert in network marketing, and then sell your prospects a product about being successful in the business in order to make up for the fact that most people will not join your opportunity.

In essence there’s nothing wrong with that model, and it can work well.

But what’s happened is that the market and network marketing industry has gotten flooded by people claiming to be network marketing experts, when they’re really nothing more than glorified affiliate marketers.

Most of these people have never built a downline in their lives, yet they’re trying to get you to buy products that show you how.

Furthermore, they don’t have a company that they’re committed to. Their success is determined by how much of their “how to” products they can sell you…yet they want to be seen as an expert.

Basically, if you’re a professional network marketer…and you know the industry, then you don’t really need these gimmicks. More importantly, you don’t need to rely on them for your income…they just become a nice side income.

If you have an opportunity that you’re proud of, and you can show others how to be successful with that opportunity, then by all means go ahead and share that opportunity. In fact it’s a must if you’re truly to ever become a network marketing expert, with a huge downline.

Comment below if you agree or don’t agree and let’s really open up a discussion about this…

David Feinstein


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