Should you Buy Leads for Your Business?


Should You Buy Network Marketing Leads?

Should You Buy Network Marketing Leads?

Every business needs them, and network marketing is certainly no exception. Leads are the lifeblood of any business, and there many ways to go about obtaining them.

One of those ways is buying leads.

Buying leads is something that people in this industry has done for years and years, but with the internet it’s a lot easier to get leads than ever before, as well as cheaper.

However, at the same time, it’s also easier to get ripped off and buy batch after batch of bad leads, old dead leads, and leads that aren’t even remotely targeted to your business opportunity. Essentially leads that don’t want to hear from you!

This brings up a great point by the way.

Do any of the leads that you buy actually want to hear from YOU?

I mean let’s face it, people who are filling out their information (if they’re even doing that), aren’t filling it out so that someone completely out of the blue can go and buy their information and contact them God knows when.

They also aren’t expecting that they’re signing up to have their name and information sold over and over again to people, so that they’re constantly being marketed to.

So let’s put it this way…while buying and contacting leads might be one strategy that you can use to bring new people into your network marketing business, I would not recommend making it a significant part of your efforts. Not by a long shot.

So Then How Are You Supposed to Generate Leads?

The best way for you to obtain leads is of course by generating them yourself. To put a specific offer out there in the world, and have people come to YOU about that specific offer.

This doesn’t have to necessarily be online either. Yes, the internet is a great place to find people for your business, but don’t let anyone fool you that offline advertising is dead.

If anything, it’s much stronger than it ever was because of the fact that everyone else is flooding the online world.

Therefore, since people are becoming immune to online messages, if you can catch their attention offline, then the fact is that you’ve gotten yourself a very strong and targeted lead.

Don’t Forget FACE to FACE, BELLY to BELLY

Yes, that’s right…not many people have the guts to try and talk about this anymore in this industry, but the fact is that belly to belly is still the best way to market your network marketing business, and to generate extremely powerful strong leads.

I’m not talking about the 3 foot rule, or any of that stuff that’s become a stigma either. I’m talking about genuinely getting to talk to people, find out what’s going in their lives, and then sharing your business with them.

Just think of the difference between a lead that you buy online, that 2 months ago was interested in “making money from home” (who isn’t), and the guy down the street who’s interested in knowing how the heck you get to stay home all day when he has to slug himself to work everyday… or wonders how you’re able to go on 2 cruises a year?

Which do you think is the strongest lead?

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David Feinstein


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