Relationship – The Root Secret of Success in Network Marketing?

Network MarketingWhile there are few businesses that can succeed without the poor of relationship…it’s likely that there is no success without relationship in

network marketing.

Relationships may be the very root of success for network marketing, above all else.

Why is that? Well we’ve often heard that network marketing is a relationship business. The very word “network” in the name tells us that we will have to establish connections within our business. Connections in

network marketing

start and end with relationships between people, and without these relationships success is not an option.

As so many new comers to the network marketing scene go through their days trying to find ways in which to market so that they don’t have to create and maintain relationships…it’s those folks who understand this power who are raking it in, and succeeding beyond their wildest dreams.

Relationships are necessary in nearly any business, but especially in network marketing.

Why Are Relationships the Cornerstone of Network Marketing…

If you’ve been trying to build your

network marketing

business without building and maintaining relationships with both your downline as well as your prospects then you’ve probably been noticing very limited results.

That’s because that’s exactly what avoiding relationships does to your business…it limits it.

You see, people don’t buy or join a business like

network marketing,

they join the PEOPLE that have introduced them to that business. Sure, there are ways of automating your marketing, to where you’re eliminating as many tire kickers as possible, until you’ve got a red hot lead. But closing that red hot lead is determined by how that red hot lead thinks about YOU, not your business.

Your business opportunity is nothing but a variable in an equation. But YOU are the answer to the equation.

What do people want in a network marketing business opportunity? They want someone who’s going to be there for them. They want someone who’s going to help them, and show them the ropes. They want someone who they know that they’ll be able to get a long with. They want a connection. They want a relationship.

It’s the same in any business really. A person will go to the pizza shop where the workers are the friendliest. A person will go to the corner Starbucks where they get the friendliest smile. A person will go to the doctor that they can talk to and who listens to their problems the best (or at least pretends to).

But the point is that most people will go with the connection. All Starbucks coffee tastes about the same, but not all Starbucks employees are as nice or personable.

This shows that relationships count in any business. But when it’s business where a person is coming in, not knowing their head from their elbows…and looking for direction…he/she who connects the best and is the most human wins.

And as a person who’s creating true genuine relationships, you’ll win almost every time over the marketer who is trying to hide behind their computer and staying anonymous. Let that marketer put out all of the anonymous content. In fact once you’ve built a relationship…which ultimately does start with “hello” (remember “you had me at hello”)…then you can even point to this other marketers content online where they’re posting anonymously…and be quite certain that you’ll be the one closing this prospect.

Once you can show that you’re a person, that you truly CARE about your prospects success, and that you can be trusted, you’ve already won 99% of the battle.


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