Recruiting for Network Marketing: Why you Should Recruit Public Speakers…and How to Find Them!


recruiting_public_speakers[This is actually a continuation of a series from another blog. Here’s the original article]

Alright continuing with our series on recruiting professionals into your Network Marketing business…I wanted to go over one of my favorite choices – Public Speakers!

There are quite a few reasons why public speakers are incredible prospects for the network marketing industry. I’m going to go over the biggest of them in this article.

Why They’re Great Prospects…

First of all let’s talk about the obvious. Public speakers make a living at and are fully comfortable with…well…talking. Network marketing is an industry where you MUST network with others and…well…talk to them. So therefore it’s not hard to see that this is a perfect match.

These are individuals who are perfectly comfortable in their own skin, and actually enjoy talking with people. They have the courage to do it without thinking twice about it.

Another aspect of network marketing is the presentation.

How well you present your opportunity is the key to how much recruiting you do. Public speakers are naturals at this because they MUST have a well thought out presentation before they get on stage, or else they’re going to bomb.

Therefore they’re used to having to be meticulous about perfecting that presentation to get the best response possible. This will do wonders for them in their network marketing business!

How about the concept of selling? Wow… this is where they take the cake. Every single day they have to sell themselves in order to put food on the table.

This means that they have to fully believe in themselves and their value to the world. In fact, attraction marketing usually comes very natural to them, because the good ones learn that they must use their personality to sell themselves most effectively.

They must be attractive to others who will want to hire them.

Now, just imagine if you can get them to feel passionate about your opportunity, and your company’s products!

It’s already a natural habit for them to sell daily, to create attraction daily so that they can stay booked solid. Therefore it will just take a slight shift for them for selling your network marketing opportunity, and products.

Another reason is that most every public speaker is entrepreneurial in spirit. Most have things that they sell from the stage to make extra money.

Most are very enthusiastic about new and different ways of making money. They’re the type who doesn’t really like to have a boss, who loves having personal time-freedom, and basically DO NOT want to be tied down.

Therefore it’s in their nature to be open to new ideas on how to create a new income stream…and especially one that eventually becomes automatic and residual.

Where to Find Public Speakers

Well, just like anything…if you want to find somebody, you have to go where they hang out right?

Public Speaker Organization

There are numerous organizations for Public Speakers. Most of these will have a listing of the public speakers in the organization…because after all…that’s why they’re there to get exposure.

Online Forums

Online there are tons of forums dedicated to public speaking, where they all go to get tips from one another.

Of course never go in these forums spamming. Always go to make relationships. (If you want to learn how to make great relationships in forums, Chapter 1 in my ebook “Masterminding a Massive Downline Explosion” goes over that in great detail….you can get that for FREE by clicking HERE!)


Just go to and type find public speakers, start following them, and connecting with them personally.

Facebook and Myspace

Same as with Twitter. Find them, and connect with them personally before springing your pitch on them.


Do a search for “Public Speaker” or “Public Speaker in _____” and lo and behold they will be there.

Alright so now you know why you should be recruiting public speakers for network marketing, and you know where to find them.

So go out there and get them…they will make great distributors, business partners…and you’ll actually probably learn more from working with them than they will from you in many respects.

Most public speakers are limitless in their talent!

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