Overcoming Fear: Is FEAR Holding You Back?


I’ll never forget that moment when I first went on stage to speak at an Event…yes, it was our company’s annual convention and this was our First one!So here I was standing on stage next to my wife Ann, oh did I forgot to mention that Ann was an ex-teacher and had been an English/Theatre teacher?Well yes, she was nervous on that stage as well…heck, so would you be, there were several thousand (yup, that’s THOUSANDS) of people in that audience.

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Well, here we are, both of us with our arms around each other’s back being supportive of each other. Isn’t that what spouses and partners do? And there’s Ann just ROCKING THE HOUSE…and there’s me shaking in my shoes and having butterflies (oh forget the butterflies…I was soooo close to tossing my cookies!), standing right next to my Ann and thinking OH MY GOD…any minute she’s going to say something like, so David how did you feel, or David the microphone is all yours….and YES she did say that…and it was at that PRECISE moment I realized I DO NOT LIKE TO BE IN FRONT OF AUDIENCES ON A STAGE. It was not my “greatest fear”, but my ONLY FEAR (at least at that time).

You can imagine that I got myself together and said the few words I needed to say with a smile and a wave and then we left the stage…and I told Ann…NEVER AGAIN…I do not want to be on stage…Period!

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And she said to me with so much love…honey, just get over it…think of all those people in front of you and they’re all in their underwear!I begin to roar with laughter backstage…and then proceeded to say to myself…NO, NO, NO…I don’t like doing this thing called public speaking!

It wasn’t but a few months later that I had to do it again in New York City at an event…well, I made up my mind that this FEAR was NOT going to take control of my life…and so I went on stage and decided that today, right here right now I was going to MASTER this public speaking skill…and I DID…I made it happen simply and easily by deciding that WHAT I was about to say was going to make a HUGE CONTRIBUTION and be of VALUE to my audience…and my friends, the FEAR was gone.Instead there was this wonderful sense of accomplishment and control that I could truly give my audience Valuable Information that could impact their lives.

And so the story continues that for the past 20+ years together with my business partner (and life partner) we have been giving Powerful, Insightful, Enriching and Value Added speaking engagements that have helped to influence the lives of thousands (yes that’s thousands) of people around the world in over 40 countries!

Talk about overcoming FEAR!… Believe me it’s all about YOU taking CONTROL of whatever it is you want to do in your life…and as for public speaking, I’ll let you be the judge right here today, while I share with you a most recent event that I spoke to a huge audience who came to hear what I had to say…SO ENJOY THE MESSAGE…and remember, if FEAR is holding you back, just kick it to the curbside and get on with life…You are in Control of your life and your destiny…it’s all in your hands!

Here’s the link to that public speaking event I mentioned above … CLICK HERE

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