Networking Success… Propelling Your MLM Business By Networking Part 1

Networking SuccessAre you a good at networking? If not you’re probably looking for some networking success tips and tricks to help your MLM business grow.

Networking is one of the most important things that you can do for any business in the world to succeed, but when it comes to MLM…well your success at networking is paramount. I guess they don’t call it network marketing for nothing right?

But what if you’ve found yourself in MLM and you basically stink at networking. Well then it’s time to start exercising your networking muscles and get them strong so that they can help you increase the size of your organization.

When I was an accountant for all of the big rock star types in the music business, my networking skills were what got me to the point of being able to work for my elite and famous clients. Let’s face it, why would they seek David Feinstein out over every other financial guy out there. I had to get myself in front of them, and the way to do that is always through networks.

Life is one big game of “6 Degrees to Kevin Bacon” so you just have to learn how to play that game and you’ll see your business (any business) as well as your life begin to see dramatic changes.

Networking Success Tips!

First of all Be PROUD of What You Do. I see so many people who get into MLM and they’re afraid to let people know that they’re doing MLM. Obviously it’s because of some of the bad reputation that the industry has gotten, but believe me – acting like you’re not proud to be a part of it doesn’t help anyone. It certainly doesn’t help you.

If you joined an MLM company, and you plan to use it as a vehicle to change your life, then you better learn to become loud and proud. This doesn’t mean the 3 foot rule or anything stupid like that.

I’m talking about when someone asks you “what do you do” which they inevitably do if you’re anywhere near them for more than 3 minutes. Tell them proudly… “I’m a professional network marketer”.

Have an Answer Ready. It’s good to have a canned answer for the question of “what do you do” which is interesting. The best way is to have an answer that will elicit curiosity, and more questions.

It’s sort of like in the “pick up” community. Men have a set of canned lines that they’ll use on woman. It may seem corny, but the thing is that they will sit and think of “openings” that are funny, or are meant to engage conversation. Opinion questions and things like that.

So your answer can be something like “I help people travel the world and make money doing it”… or “I help people retire comfortably”…or anything that will make people say “how do you do that?”

Have the Right Answer. The worst thing that you can do to a person is spark their curiosity and not have an answer for that curiosity. So have an answer to their question “how do you do that” or “oh really what do you mean”. Give them an answer…sometimes called an elevator speech.

That’s a good term because it makes you have to think of something that’s quick and to the point. You don’t want to start a longwinded and boring speech about how great your MLM products or company is, or go into the compensation plan.

Again if you can keep eliciting curiosity then you’re doing things very right.

What You’ll Learn in Part 2 of this Post.

In this post you learned how to get your message across to people you meet. But that’s only a small part. There are actually things that you need to be doing before you even get into any of that…

In part 2 I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do to further enhance your networking success for MLM!


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