Networking Success Part 2… How to Have People Be More Receptive of Your Message

networkingSo last time when we were talking about networking success, we spoke about the most effective way to get your message across.

To recap it was to be proud of what you do, have an interesting answer to the question of what you do, and have a follow up sort of elevator speech that explains this even more.

Now there’s a danger in me giving that information out without first making sure that you know what to do in order to make that message much more receptive.

Networking success depends on the people within your network being interested in you and your business and wanting to also be proud to spread news about you around. That’s how your network grows.

Of course networking doesn’t have to mean that everything is about business. Networking can really be a group of friends (how large depends on you) who all help each other out. It’s a sort of a back scratching exchange program. But that won’t happened if you don’t do things right.

Crucial Steps to Make Networking Successful

Don’t Think About Yourself. It’s imperative that you’re thoughts are not “what can this person, or group of people can do for me”, but “what can I sincerely do to help these people?”

How do you establish that mindset, and set that tone in your conversations?

Very simple…

Ask Questions and Listen. In what might be the most important book ever written in the self-development field “How to Win Friends and Influence People” Dale Carnegie basically emphasizes throughout the entire book that what people want the most in this world is someone who listens to them, and cares about them.

If you can prove to someone that this is sincerely what’s forefront in your mind, then what you quickly establish is rapport…but maybe even more importantly you create likeability.

If this person likes you, and feels like you genuinely care about them, then they are going to bend over backwards to help you.

Important: For networking success, this all MUST happen before you even mention a word about yourself, or what you do.

The key to this is be first with questions that elicit an informative response. No yes or no questions. Questions that really get to the heart of what the person that you’re speaking to does, thinks about, cares about, wishes, desires, wants, etc.

Believe me, once you get someone talking about themselves, this won’t take near as long as you might think.

The Tricky Part…The Secret That Will Make or Break you When it Comes to Successfully Networking

So listen up. None of what you’ve read will mean anything if you don’t ACTUALLY CARE about the other person. You see, a lot of people will read that, and immediately begin to think of ways that they can trick people into thinking that they actually care.

They’ll start hearing about all of these NLP things like mirroring and all sorts of weird stuff. The bottom line, there’s no substitute in the world for actually caring.

It’s how Ann and I have built 2 huge MLM organizations with hundreds of thousands of people. We cared about each and every person, we still care about each of them, and when we meet new people we find reasons to care. Actually, genuinely, and truly care about their success!

If you want to find networking success… simply start caring about people!


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