Network Marketing Training – What to Do When the Old “How Much Have You Made” Question Comes Up…


If you’re looking for Network Marketing training then you’re going to love today’s post,

because it has to do with that question that so many network marketers have to struggle with.

It’s the question of “How Much Money Have You Made?”
Network Marketing Training

Ooh, when you’re first starting out, that question really stings. It’s the question a lot of networker marketers will avoid like the plague, and when it comes up they freeze like a deer in the headlights.

Well that is if you haven’t made any or much money yet. But that’s why network marketing training is so essential, in order to learn responses for such questions as that one.

Every new network marketer dreams of the time when then they can be able to answer the question of “how much have you made” with confidence. Frankly it’s quite a personal question, and usually is asked in poor taste in any other circumstances.

But for a network marketer, who’s essentially trying to get someone else to partner up with you in a business, it’s actually fair game. You wouldn’t go investing in a business without knowing how much the company that you’re about to invest in has made or is making would you? So why shouldn’t your prospect be able to ask you how much you’ve made. After all they’re about to lay down a fair amount of money to start this business, and they want to know how much money they could be making.

Of course this depends nothing on how much you’re making, it depends on the network marketing training that they get, and the action that they take, and so on and so forth. And you can try to tell them that until you’re blue in the face, but it’s not going to fly with your prospect. They don’t care about network marketing training yet, they want to know if you’ve succeeded so they can put their self in your shoes in that little movie in their mind.

So What Do You Do When Your Prospect Cares More About Your Bank Account than Your Network Marketing Training?

Well luckily you have an easy way out. (See how important good network marketing training is?)

Your way out is simply that it’s illegal for you to divulge that information. The FTC requires that you can’t make ANY income claims so you can simply tell them that. That may or may not be enough to satisfy them.

So then what do you do? Tell them about the network marketing training? Nope!

You throw the question gently back at them. You can say something like “I can’t tell you but my experience with this company has been “UNBELIEVABLE” (could mean anything)…. And then you go on to ask “but really what does my success have to do with your success? It’s not about my financial success here but it’s about your financial success. And the beauty of this industry is that you could go on to make tons more than I make, or you could go on to make absolutely nothing. What matters is the action that YOU take, the consistency that YOU put into running your business, how coachable YOU are by me and our entire upline team, and how well you follow the proven network marketing training that we provide”.

And one of the things that you’ll want to do at that point is to get your upline on the phone to edify the business. If your sponsor has had success in the business then they’ll have a posture about themselves that you don’t yet have, and that’s OK.

This will shine through to your prospect. They’ll look at you as an extension of your sponsor, and actually as a gateway to their knowledge. They’ll look at you as a gateway to your sponsor’s network marketing training.

The truth is that no matter how new you are, you don’t want to have to go into any prospecting situation worried about a question that might pop up. It will show in your posture and your confidence throughout the interview, and you don’t want that.

That’s why having effective network marketing training

is essential to your own success, as well as the success that you pass on down to your downline.


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