Network Marketing Training – The Secret to Duplication in Network Marketing!

Network marketing trainingSo many people are looking for network marketing training these days to find out how to create duplication in their business.

Many people think that the key to duplication in network marketing is to have your downline duplicate YOU. But that’s not exactly true…

What You Need to Get Out Of This Network Marketing Training

The key to duplication that you should get from this network marketing training is that your SYSTEM is duplicable. The truth is that people (myself included though I’m not going to tell anyone that) fail. Human beings aren’t fail proof, but once you have a system set up that is fail proof…or at least converts to certain range… then that system can then be duplicated over and over again.

That’s where having a system and

network marketing training

practices in place can make or break your network marketing business.

You see, the problem with thinking that YOU and your actions can be duplicated is very apparent just by looking around. Look around at all the people and you can see that each and every person is different. Each has their own talents, and then even two people with the same category of talent have different degrees of talent.

How Network Marketing Training Compares to Fast Food…

So NO person can actually be duplicable. But the steps that a person takes, within a system certainly can. That would be the major reason why McDonald’s can literally thrive while employing 15 year old kids who have never had a job, or done anything but ride their bikes around the neighborhood. They can follow a system, in which the step by step actions are in place for each and every person who does it, and it works everytime.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the kid who’s there the first day, or the manager who’s worked at McDonalds for years. The system is the same, has proven to work, and therefore cannot fail, unless the person fails to work within the system. That’s what should be hugely important your network marketing training.

Many people within their network marketing training will focus on the wrong things. Many will get in with a great sponsor who has had success all around the globe like Ann and I, and expect this alone is enough to ensure success.

Why Your Network Marketing Training Shouldn’t Focus on Trying to Be Me…

It helps, but only because we have taken the time to develop systems that are duplicable that work, and instill those within our network marketing training. So trying to be like Me isn’t going to make you successful in network marketing! Trying to be like anyone else isn’t going to make you successful in network marketing.

But…following the systems that Network Marketing Professionals within your company have put together for network marketing training, can make you successful! Following that system step by step is what will make you successful by being part of a duplicble sytsem.

Of course it does help that being in a “Leaders'” downline allows you access to their mindset and experience, which helps you to learn the steps and persevere through the steps of learning to duplicate the system through your network marketing training.

So having the right sponsors/mentors does help. But that’s not what’s important for you to try to duplicate.

What you should focus on trying to duplicate in your

network marketing training,

is the systems that you’re learning. What you should make sure is proven to work, within any team that you’re looking to join, is the system within their network marketing training.

If that works, then you’ve got a great chance of seeing success in network marketing.

Having the duplicable systems, plus the right sponsors within your network marketing training, makes your chances of success phenomenal.


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