Network Marketing Success – The Key to Getting Through Rejection in One Piece!

If you’ve been trying to reach

network marketing

success, then you’ve probably noticed that rejection can sting a bit right?
Network Marketing
But if you want to reach that success with

network marketing

or any home business for that matter, then you’ve got to learn how to get through rejection intact.

And rejection is a topic that many people have a ton of issues about…so this might be a rather enlightening article for you if you’re one of those people.

Overcoming The Hurt of Rejection and Getting the Reward of

Network Marketing


So here’s the thing in a blunt sort of way…If you want to succeed in

network marketing…

or actually any sort of business…you may as well get used to rejection. More importantly for you, you may as well get used to pushing through even though you got rejected.

The biggest problem with rejection is that people take it so personally. It’s a psychological event that people have always feared and tried desperately to stay away from actually. But what you have to do in order to see network marketing success is realize that the rejection that you get in network marketing isn’t the person/prospect rejecting you…but rejecting your business opportunity.

In fact it may be even simpler than that. They may be rejecting the timing or their own circumstances rather than you or your opportunity. So it’s not a personal bias, but simply a decision. A prospect saying NO to you is merely a decision that they’ve made not a judgment, outlook, or even opinion of you.

Here’s the reason why people always talk about the numbers game when it comes to

network marketing

or even any sort of sales position.  Assuming that you’re presenting to your prospects an opportunity or product that is of substance…meaning that it’s quality and truly worth the person’s time…it comes more down to timing than nearly anything else.

Let’s say for instance your neighbor Jim is tired of his job. Let’s say that today he got into a fight with his boss, and you approached Jim today of all days and say “hey Jim I wanted to show you something”…

Now you give Jim your best promotional material, and you tell Jim to call you back later and let you know what he thinks. Today Jim is mad at his boss, and he already hates his job…so the chance is that he’s going to go in the house and put that DVD right into the player…or go right in and open up that flyer or brochure.

But what about if you would have approached Jim a week ago when he just got praised by someone at work about how valuable he was?  How receptive do you think he would have been to your business opportunity then? Not as much if at all.

That’s why the numbers game is so crucial to people in sales. Because in a pool of 100 people you may have 2 or 5 that just got yelled at by their bosses today, or noticed their checking account today, etc. But you have to work through those numbers.

However if you let the first “no” stop you, you’ll never get to those 2 or 5 people who say yes. You’ll never reach those people who just happen to be ready for the timing of your opportunity to enter their lives. And if you let those “no’s” affect you, you’ll never reach the

network marketing

success that you deserve.


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