Network Marketing Success – What Your Upline Leader Has to Do With Your Success!

When it comes to network marketing success, there’s often a lot of talk about the company, your upline, the compensation plan, etc.

There are all sorts of things that are supposed to make or break your chances of network marketing success…
Network Marketing Success

But there is one element that tends to get left out of the equation quite often that is absolutely essential to your success in network marketing.

The Key to Network Marketing Success…

Though the things mentioned above can play a huge role in your network marketing success, you cannot ever depend on those things to make the difference in whether or not you fail or succeed.

The only true indicator of your success is very simple indeed. It’s YOU!

You, and you only dictate what sort of success that you’re going to see. Your upline sponsor is hugely important to how short the learning curve is. When you have a network marketing upline who acts as a mentor to you and teaches you all of their secrets to success, then you’ve got a great chance of succeeding faster than most people will.

But it still depends solely on YOU, and whether or not you follow your upline’s lead, take consistent action, and radically apply what you learn.

Knowledge of the industry is also extremely vital to your network marketing success.

Knowing about things like your compensation plan and the history and finances of your company can help you sell the company, but only if you’ll use that knowledge and take action on it. It will only help you if you’ll spend the time to talk to people about the company. The action that you take on a consistent basis has much more to do with your network marketing success, than anything else.

Action is the Key to Network Marketing Success…Here’s Why

Action is key to not only success in network marketing, but all of life’s endeavors.

Many people falsely think that by finding a sponsor who’s been in the industry for years is going to ensure their success…as if the sponsor is going to do all of the work for them. It doesn’t work that way. Distributors who aren’t ready to pull their own weight with their MLM business is never going to find network marketing success.

Listen, my wife Ann and I are probably in the top 3 to 5 of network marketing trainers in the world.

We’ve shown literally thousands of people to increase their financial status in huge ways all around the globe. We’ve changed people’s lives forever with what we’ve shown them.

But there have also been plenty of people who didn’t make a dime. We showed them the same exact things that we showed the others. We put the same strategies and plans together. We even tailored it to their strengths.

Yet they didn’t see the network marketing success as the others did because they didn’t take the kind of action conducive to seeing that sort of success. While some apply exactly what we teach them, others ignore it…seemingly hoping that we’re going to do everything for them.

The old saying goes… “You can lead a horse to water…but you can’t make them drink.” It’s the truth and unfortunately not everyone drinks the water that you lead them to. They let it stagnate!

How YOU Can See Network Marketing Success for Yourself

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