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Network marketing

businesses can seem like a big puzzle, and the business website can become complicated very easy. There has been a ton of push towards flashy sites for the past several years and now the trend is focusing on simplicity. Simple designs will allow your site to load faster; this will keep your prospects interested in learning more about you. This does not mean that you cannot make your site appealing. It means that you may want to lay off the flash and graphical elements that tend to distract. Yes, having dimension is great, but it can be distracting.

network marketing


Keep your webpages simple and easy to navigate. You want to make your prospects pay attention to your

network marketing

message, not the AdSense ads and other factors that may cause them to click away. Your pages should flow smoothly and have a well defining set of text and graphics. You should make any callable action bold and allow it to stand out from the rest of the material. One of the most important features that often are ignored is the page’s URL. On some sites, you will see a ton of letters and special signs that makes the URL ugly. Try reworking the URL to make it more appealing for the search engines and for your visitors.



network marketing

website should use all types of content from photos to text to help your prospects. There is a fine balance between simple and complex, and it involves with overdoing the page with content. One image, 500 words or so and maybe a video or presentation on each of your pages should be fine. You want to make sure that your pages load fast and have quality information for your prospects. They do not want to be bombarded with AdSense or pop ups that are not relevant to their needs.


If your

network marketing

website is not allowing your prospects to focus, you will need to redesign it. Most people hate to hear those words, but in reality, it can be a good moment in a busy schedule. Your experience will help you focus down on the most important aspects, and you can then follow up with other content. You can move your self-hosted videos to a video host and have other programs host your other multimedia content. A redesign will help you narrow the scope of your business and information that your visitors can access.


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