Network Marketing Recruiting… Why We’re Glad We’re Terrible Network Marketing Recruiters.

online-marketing-graphAs a pretty darn successful network marketer for about 24 years now, I’ve never actually done any network marketing recruiting.

What? Then how the heck could I be so successful?

Well it’s simple. I don’t consider myself a network marketing recruiter because I don’t align myself with those people who recruit until their blue in the face, and then it stops there. Let’s look at it from a military point of view.

In the military they have recruiting offices. In those offices are military recruiters whose soul jobs are to…you guessed it… recruit soldiers. Once these soldiers are recruited then the “recruiters” are done with that person, and off the new recruits go for training.

They go to bootcamp where other military professionals will train them to be assets to the government.

However as a network marketer it really doesn’t happen like that, at least in my own organization. What I do is network marketing sponsoring. You could even take it a step further and call it network marketing partnering. It’s not like network marketing recruiting at all.

You see a lot of network marketers are nothing but network marketing recruiting machines. They bring people in to their business by the truckloads, but then those people are left to flounder after that. They basically play it as a numbers game. They think “if I bring in enough people a certain percentage of them will go on to do great things on their own basically with little help from me”.

On a mathematical “numbers game” level this is true when it comes to recruiting for network marketing. But the fact is that this same person could have a much more effective business, and make a lot more money – and most importantly change a lot more lives for the better if they were to actually sponsor these people and train them to succeed.

Now let’s look at it from an Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) standpoint.

If you’re an alcoholic and are ready to change your life for the better, and you join A.A., then once you join they’re going to pair you up with a sponsor. What that sponsor will do is take you by the hand and make sure that you succeed in your quest to get and stay sober.

Well, that’s what Ann and I do. Rather than network marketing recruiting where we bring you into our business and just let you cross your fingers hoping that you succeed by yourself… We take you by the hand and make sure that you succeed.

We sponsor you, and your success becomes very personal to us. That’s the huge difference between our organization and most other’s out there, and a huge reason why our organization is so successful.

Not because we’re successful but because so many in our team are successful. That’s huge and we attribute it to the fact that we focus less on being great at network marketing recruiting but great at being network marketing sponsors and partners.


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