Network Marketing Leads – Is Buying Leads for Your Home Business Worth Your Money?

Network marketing leadsNetwork marketers nearly always have a dilemma on their hands. That dilemma is generating

network marketing leads

for their home business. After all, your business pretty much relies on constantly having fresh prospects to show your business to right?

Therefore it’s a fair and logical problem, or at least it is when they’re first starting out with their business.

Lead generation does have a bit of a learning curve to it, and so to get away from that most network marketers will decide to bypass it and go ahead and spend money on buying leads instead.

While there may be a chance that you could get lucky with buying leads and sign up someone here and there, the problem with buying leads is…well frankly…it’s a waste of money.

Here’s why…

When you buy leads, you’re buying leads from someone (usually a company) who uses methods for gaining leads that you could do yourself. But not only that, these companies will also sell these

network marketing leads

to dozens, and sometimes even hundreds of network marketers who are all going to be calling the same leads – essentially burning them out.

The fact is that by the time that you’ve called a lead, they’ve already been called over and over again, and you’re going to get the brunt of that when they tell you to stop calling!

It happens all the time, and the easiest and best way for you to avoid this is simply to generate your own

network marketing leads.

So how do you do that exactly?

Well, there are certain elements that need to be there for that. Here’s a quick run down:

Webpage With Optin (Sometimes Called a Squeeze Page): This can be a page primarily used for collecting leads, or it can be a blog or website with a optin-form on the side bar type of page. As long as you have a way to collect information!

What you need is a piece of bait, or “money magnet” to give away in order to have leads reciprocate and give you their information. A free report, a free video, or whatever you want. It just has to be useful or else you lose all credibility.

Follow Up Auto-Responders… The reason you’re collecting the lead is so that you can contact them again. The best way to do that is with an auto-responder service which shoots them an email out automatically right after they’ve filled out your optin-form.

Give them their free giveaway, plus you can now contact them as often as you want. Just don’t hammer them with sales messages. Give them value, and soon they’ll see you as someone that can absolutely help them reach their home business goals.

If you’re collecting phone numbers, you want to contact them within the first 24 hours. There’s nothing that will help you grow your business more than showing people that there’s a real person at the other end of the website.

Generating leads for

network marketing leads

isn’t as hard as you might think if you follow a few steps. The most important is following up efficiently.

Want to learn how to generate

network marketing leads

like crazy? If so you need to learn from those who have already shown thousands of distributors, who have taken the knowledge and gone on to financial freedom. Maybe it’s time to find out exactly how we do it!


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