Network Marketing Leadership – What It Means to Be a Great Leader in Network Marketing!

Network marketing leaderIf there’s one thing in MLM that we (Ann and David Feinstein) have found to be missing in our industry, it’s hands down network marketing leadership.

There seems to be a huge hole these days in network marketing, and in that space is where there is a huge absence

It actually has become quite a huge problem, because essentially it’s like the blind leading the blind. There are people who know nothing about how to really succeed trying very unsuccessfully to grow downlines, and then when they finally do happen to stumble upon someone to join their business, they have no clue what to tell them regarding how to become a successful

network marketing leader


Network marketing leadership is hugely important, and it really needs to come back.

It’s really the key to ultimate success as a network marketer. Being a

network marketing leader

will take your business from poor or mediocre to huge success faster than anything will.

Of course not all uplines are terrible, and leading you into the fire of failure.

There are some leaders out there, who are really taking the initiative to train their organization to be great leaders as well. That’s because they know that this is the key. You should listen and model these people if you were wise enough to get into an organization with these leaders as your upline.

But if not then you have to really start thinking about your future in the industry.

Here’s why network marketing leadership is so crucial if you want to truly become the success in this home business that you likely set out to become.

It’s because your organization, and its ability to grow, is only as good as you and your leadership skills. In other words, as you bring people into your network marketing business and organization, they’re going to be looking to you as to what they should be doing with their own businesses.

Your job as a leader is to sponsor and mentor each of the people in your organization. But just as importantly, it’s to show them how to be leaders and sponsor and mentor the people that they themselves bring in to the organization.

This is where the beauty of network marketing begins, which is the LEVERAGE. You can’t possibly ever in your lifetime train 60,000 people to be successful. You don’t have enough time in your lifetime to do that. But you can train a couple hundred personally, even maybe a thousand if you’ve got a great system in place.

And when they begin to do the same, and begin creating their own leaders, that’s when your business explodes exponentially.

This is a business that’s created more wealth than any other industry. But those who become wealthy in this business are just those who do it correctly, and doing it correctly means becoming a

network marketing leader.


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