Network Marketing Leadership – Are You Leading Your Downline or Simply Following Your Upline?

leaderThrough our training and mentoring, especially with those folks who have been involved with network marketing for sometime now we’ve noticed something huge is missing. The absence of leadership in network marketing is astounding. It’s becoming a huge problem and hopefully we’ll be able to help you solve it here soon.

Leadership is truly the key to becoming ultra successful in network marketing. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t become successful by following the advice of your upline. Of course you can and that’s why they’re there. But for those who want to become ultra successful in network marketing, you’ve got to be able to lead your organization. It’s absolutely imperative.

In fact if you’ll notice, those that are the top dogs in network marketing are those who are the great leaders of men and women. So if you want to get to where they are as far as success goes, then you’ve simply got to model their behavior and their ways (as long as they’re ethical) and you too will be successful.

What Does It Mean to Be a Leader in Network Marketing?

Leadership can mean different things to different people. What my wife Ann Feinstein and I have found in network marketing is that true leaders are those that lead mostly by example.

We’ve also noticed, and have referred to this as one of our biggest secrets often, that CARING about our organization and THEIR success is a huge factor in our success, and we recommend that you try it too.

So we lead by example and we care about our organization. I suppose anyone can say that right. So how do we do that specifically?

Well as for the leading by example, I can tell you, and you can see by our organizations growth that we’re constantly and consistently (daily) doing all of the thing that we have to do in order to grow our organization everyday, and all of the same things that we tell our downline to do as well.

We’re constantly marketing and branding the Ann and David Feinstein name, both online as well as offline. We’re constantly following up with prospects, and meeting and talking with them on the phone daily in order to qualify them, and see if they’re a good match for us to work with.

We also get on the phone with new team members daily and get them set up following and duplicating our system so that they can quickly as possible start seeing an income begin to generate, and therefore begin to build a long sustaining business.

This is also the way that we show we care about our prospects.

Furthermore we hold daily webinars for our team members in other countries, and are on the phone with team members walking them through all of tasks that they’re having difficulty with.

But here’s the other part of our leadership success. We demand that people respect our time and the time that we put in to our team. We carry nobody over the finish line, but we ARE always there to push them from behind, and steer them in the right direction.

We also demand accountability. If one of our new team members says that they’re going to do something we hold them accountability to do that thing, and report to us that they’ve done it. We then go through their results and show them how to improve on that. We basically will hold a team member’s hand and lead them until they are proficient enough to do the tasks on their own.

Leadership in network marketing is a skill that must be applied if you have any hopes of seeing dramatic and huge success. Luckily it’s one that can be learned from the right team members.

If you’re looking for mentors who will not only show you exactly how to succeed in network marketing likely beyond your belief, and then pass on the leadership skills for you to go on to create your own empire…and run it…then click here now!


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