Network Marketing Lead Generation – 3 Things You Need to Get Right for Getting Leads Consistently

Network marketing lead generationIf there’s one thing that’s constantly on your mind, it’s probably

network marketing lead generation.

Getting leads in this business is usually the number one difference between succeeding or failing.

With it being such a huge element for your survival, then you should definitely read on to find out exactly how to get leads for your network marketing business, and the three vital things you must do right to get them consistently.

Network Marketing Lead Generation

Best Practices

Okay, so like most things in life, there are just a few moving parts when it comes to network marketing lead generation. That being said, if these moving parts are not running smoothly and are grinding and getting stuck then you’re not going to get very far. It could mean the difference between driving across country in a 1974 Datsun B210 hatchback, or driving across country in a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera.

So then I’m going to give you now…

3 Vital Elements for Consistent

Network Marketing Lead Generation…

Element #1: Right Message to the Right Audience… I can’t say this enough… You must a) know who your audience is and…b) have the right targeted message for them.

This means that you have to drill down and figure out who you want to target, and then take the time to find out where to find them, what they want, and the language that they use. It might sound like a lot of research to do, and it sort of is, but it’ll be well worth it for you if you do it.

Give them exactly what they want with the language that they understand best and you’ll get past nearly every other marketer out there trying to grab those prospects.

Element #2: Squeeze Page That Converts Once you find your prospect, then you’ve got to have somewhere to send them. Remember they’re not a lead until you have their information where you can contact them as you please.

A squeeze page is exactly that. A squeeze page basically is a website that gets people to leave their information for you to contact them, either by email, phone, or even direct mail.

To get them to give you this info, you have to give something of value away. Still, the most valuable thing online is information. That’s why people are online, for info. So if you give them the exact information that they’re looking for then you’ve got a good chance that they’ll leave their personal info in exchange for that.

Element #2: Emails That Convert So once you’ve got your prospects info, and they’re not a lead, you have to work on closing them into your business. The way to do that is to show them that you know what you’re talking about, know what they want and need, understand their wants and needs on a deeper level than just wanting to sell them something, and can consistently either get them to a sign-up page, or get them to call you up asking to join.

This means that you’ve got to have emails that resonate with them. This is a skill that isn’t natural for most, but CAN be learned. It’s something that you’ll want to begin working on as soon as possible that’s for sure.

Getting those three things right will definitely boost your success with

network marketing lead generation

and keep it consistent.

But what if you don’t know how to do these things that will lead to your

network marketing lead generation


If your upline is not teaching you this, then they’re definitely leaving you in the dark about one of the most vital elements network marketing success.


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