Network Marketing Home Business – One of the Reasons You’re Probably Seeing So Much Rejection

Network marketing home businessThere’s something very important that you have to figure out if you want to see the success that’s available to you in your

network marketing home business.

That thing is whether or not you’ve stopped yourself from doing some of the necessary work that you should be doing, simply because of your fear of rejection from prospects.

Now you will have to be very honest with yourself here, because if not it could mean the end of your home business as you know it. If you don’t come to grips with this it will ruin your business.

How do I know this? Because in my over two decades of mentoring new

network marketing home business

owners I’ve seen “fear of rejection” needlessly ruin more careers before they’ve gotten started than I care to remember. We’re talking from people who I just knew deep in my heart could have done some extremely wonderful things.

So if you’re honest with yourself, and you’re squandering your chances of success because of this fear that’s within you as well, it’s time we do something about that now.

But what can you do?

Well, first of all, you’re never going to completely get rid of the rejection to your business opportunity. It’s just part of the business. So there are really two things that you can do.

First you can change your paradigm about rejection. If someone is telling you that they’re not interested in your

network marketing home business

opportunity, it’s not that they’re telling you that they don’t like YOU. They’re just letting you know that they’re not in the position, or ready right now for what you’re offering.

So you MUST NOT take it personal. So many people do this. They take it to heart, and take it as a personal attack. But think of it like this. What if you had guests in your home? Now what if you offered your guests a drink? If they said no to your offer of a drink, would you take that personally that they didn’t want a drink?

No of course not, you’d just assume that they’re not thirsty right now, and that when they got thirsty, they’d either let you know or accept your drink offer on the next time around correct?

Well there’s no difference in your business opportunity. If you’re offering them the chance at a business opportunity, and they’re not taking, then it’s because this just simply isn’t the right time for them and your

network marketing home business


But when they are ready, you can assume that they’ll let you know, or accept on your next offer, even if that’s years down the road.

Now the second thing that you can/should do is to make sure that you’re talking to the people who are actually looking for a business opportunity.

Let’s face it, if you went around asking ten random people if they’re interested in a business opportunity, chances are that most of them aren’t even looking for one, much less your

network marketing home business

that you’re offering.

But if you asked 10 people who you knew were looking for a business opportunity, chances are that more than half would be interested in your

network marketing home business

opportunity if it was a fair one and you represented it correctly.

These two tips alone can change your life and the chances for success in network marketing so drastically that you couldn’t even imagine.

Now if you want to learn exactly how we find those people who are already looking for a network marketing business opportunity, and know exactly how to show them the benefits of ours so that they’re more likely to join, then it’s time to kick it up a notch!


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