Network Marketing Businesses – What You Must Do to Get People to Join Your Business Opportunity

Network Marketing BusinessesIt’s actually quite sad that so many people try and try to grow their

network marketing businesses,

but never get to that place they want to be with it. There are tons and tons of reasons why this might occur, but after mentoring and training thousands to succeed for the last 2 decades, my wife Ann and I know how to get people through one of the major barriers to success in this industry.

You see, one of the main skills that all people with

network marketing businesses

need to have is to be able to close a lead, and get them from the prospect list, and into their downline.

We’ve even seen instances where someone will have a massive prospect list, but have basically no downline to speak of. Sometimes it’s left us scratching our heads as to how this can happen, but then once we talk to them we understand why.

One of the reasons that so many

network marketing businesses

are suffering is because of the idea that’s out there now that you can create a huge income and grow your downline without ever speaking with anyone at all. Basically, people are being lead to believe that they can hide behind their computers and build their network marketing business that way.

Perhaps there are a small (very small indeed) amount of people out there doing that, but the chances are that if you really want to grow your

network marketing business,

and if you really want to grow your income, then you’re going to have to lay that idea down to rest, and start actually getting on the phone and talking with people.

You see, the phone is a hugely forgotten tool in the MLM industry, and people actually sneer and say that using the phone, or belly to belly is old school network marketing. There has grown this battle between the old school network marketers and the new school network marketers as of lately.

The truth is that this is nothing more than a marketing ploy. It’s called the “us against them” tactic, and the one who suffers is you. So do yourself a favor and don’t get sucked into it.

What’s actually happening is that if there’s someone out there who’s building a downline without having to use the traditional lines of communication, then that person is highly skilled in the art of copywriting and persuasive writing. There are very few people like this, and therefore the majority of those people who have massive downlines are using old school techniques to actually get leads to join their

network marketing businesses.

This is how my wife Ann and I have build a global network marketing business into over 50,000 people in 4 years, and that’s just one of our downlines.

While simply getting on the phone will do wonders to build your downline, and put you ahead of much of the competition who is falling for this old school/new school gag, it’s important that you know the skills to closing a prospect when you do get them on the phone.

There is a learning curve to this as well.

Of course in our over twenty three years in the network marketing industry, training thousands of folks to go on to financial independence with their network marketing businesses, we’ve learned very well through careful study of human behavior as well as trial and error how to close prospects effectively over the phone.


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